created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 16 April 2011

easter chicks

Nearly a month since my last post, shame on me.
I've been lazy on the blogging front but not on the crochet.
So many good blogs out there I have enjoyed reading everybody elses.
Shall I show you what I've been doing?

With Easter close by I couldn't resist making these so my Flower Bed blanket is on hold.

the smaller chicks are filled with a small chocolate egg

These in the following photos are all Chicks in their eggs.
This is where I got the pattern from

Its not a free pattern but so worth the money
very easy to follow with lots of clear photos and tips
highly recommended

 A egg and a new born chick

this chick is just emerging from his egg

I added a drawstring to the bottom and I am going to fill the egg with chocolate goodies.
So pleased with how they have turned out.

Now what shall my next project be?

Oh I have also crocheted some turtle soap savers
again very easy and quick to make up.
I gave them away as presents before I had the chance to photo them.

I also purchased a pattern from
Its for Daffodil Spring Fairy
You can also get free patterns from here
Maybe this might be my next wip but I will remember to take photos this time

Thats all for now I'll try not to leave it so long next time but I am torn between blogging and crochet and I'm afraid crochet always wins

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then I know my blog is stiil of interest

Cuteki kawaii