created 2014

created 2014

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

cleaning up

hi just thought i ought to let you know what i have been up to
Been messing around with my blog and to my amazement i have been following over 130 blogs. I don't know whether this is good or bad. but i just can't keep up with all these, so i have been deleting some. mainly book related ones.
 Hope i haven't got rid of anyone I shouldn't have please let me know. But i just felt it was time to clean my blog up so to speak.
 I keep finding new blogs I want to follow so felt I had no choice but to disregard those I don't follow, hope no one is upset about this.

How many other blogs do people follow and how often do you visit them I wonder

I am still working my way through them , I would like to get the list down to about 50 which i think will be more manageable

See you later

Friday, 10 December 2010

I've been neglecting my crochet ramblings for a while now. Too busy with the snow photos and building snowmen lol.
So here is an update on my crochet work.
Guess what came in the post the other day, I am so excited to own it.A brand new AMIGURUMi BOOK,it contains lots of patterns also a chapter on Taking Care Of Your Hands
Here is a quote

Use the thumb of your left hand to knead the palm of your right,while at the same time wrapping the left fingers around the right hand to rub its back.

I am trying this as due to my obsessiveness with the hook I have had to take anti-inflamatories for the aches (lol)

Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute

The only problem I've got with this book is which pattern to start first,or do i start at the front and work my way thro,??
Decisions decisions

Here are some photos of my latest work hope you like looking at them

These are Jolly Little Goody Bags
Very quick and easy to make up, fill them with goodies for a nice personal gift
the link to the pattern is here

I'm afraid the photos don't do them much justice .They are so cute and can be made any size and colour, a great idea to use up any left over yarn

This is an open top mitten and although i loved making it, it won't be a pair
There are a few adjustments i need to do, size,holes, etc So if anyone knows who would like one mitten leave a comment (lol)
It should have a button on to fasten the top to the glove, but seeing as no one will be wearing it, i didn't want to waste a button
                                                    link to the pattern

This is a colourful ball, again i had fun crocheting it
It just consists of squares and hexagon's , I put some bells inside so I guess it could be a plaything for a cat

These are 2 of my W I P

This poor elephant has no face and is missing his top hat and tie, I am a bit unsure about his trunk , does it remind you of anything ???
He will get finished eventually

Here is Boots , Dora's friend , again he has not got a face, I wonder what it is when it comes to doing faces. I love the crochet part, even the sewing together is OK but I'm not keen on the faces. I will end up with a load of faceless toys
This pattern is from

I just love her pattens and I would love to crochet Alice in Wonderland and all her friends eventually

Piece of cake anyone ?

Do you like my monkey ?
He came free with a packet of PG tips
He's knitted but I would love to try and design a crochet pattern for him, I'm sure he would be very popular

It,s no wonder I'm fond of cutting and paste-ing this taking Photos and uploading them sure takes time. I've been editing this blog all day, how some of you make it look so easy is beyond me
So i will publish this now (before i forget) and I'm going to have a well deserved cup of tea
See you all soon


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lowry ??????

Couldn't resist sharing this photo.
It's local, Cusworth Hall, but on a parr with a Lowry painting.
If I had took this picture, I would get some postcards printed and sell them in aid of charity.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Hi all sorry for not blogging for a while . As you see from the photos I have been busy with my camera

Really i have been indulging in my favourite pastime (apart from crochet)
cutting and paste-ing. (hope these aren't copywrite)

We have had brilliant weather as you can see from the photos , not had snow like this for years.

Like it or hate it ????
The photos are great, wish i had taken them, but not that talented.

Been busy crocheting , photos to follow soon.
Cuteki kawaii