created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 26 February 2011

flower bed cal

I've had an inviye to join the Flower Bed Cal
So excited to get to contribute to another Cal and blog
The only thing is i can't find a pattern for the flowers everyone is doing at the moment I need help

In the meantime here is my finished Giraffe Doily. I'm so pleased with how it has turned out and it was so quick to make up. Instead of !2 giraffes I ended up with 13 though good job I'm not superstitous.

Sorry that the pictures aren't very good I should take more time with the lighting etc but hopefully you will get the idea

Also here are the squares I have crocheted so far , no particular colour code only the white edging which seems very popular among other crochet lovers

Now i'm off in the search of flower patterns which I will make up and post on The Flower Bed
See you soon

Sunday, 20 February 2011

my wip

Hi all long time no blog
Would you like to see a picture of my WIP ? I only started it yesterday and i can't believe how easy it is. I got the pattern from Ravelry via HOOKING WITH MR LICK LICK, another crochet lover, If you haven't visited her go on over now a brilliant blog.
Anyway here it is I didn't think I could make something like this, my first attempt at a doily
 Look at the tiny giraffes aren't they too cute for words
There are two patterns one as above and one with a border, I think i'll end up doing them both.

I've also been busy crocheting a friend for Strawbeary. He has been sat on the fireplace for ages now waiting for a tail and a muzzle so before i started the doily i had to finish him and ta ta
Hear is  Punk Bunny from Amigurami Super Happy Crochet Cute

He's looking a tad forlorn and lonely I think he needs a friend

There thats better
I wanted his pom pom tail to match Strawbearys hair but he wouldn't have liked
having a red tail so gave him a black fuzzy one instead. It was really messy using this wool to make a pom pom but I think it was worth it. What do you think?

I have also made these for a friend's birthday And the Ripple blanket for her Daughters doll
This ripple blanket was very quick to make up I got the pattern from Lucy at Attic24 (thanks Lucy great tutorial)
Also I finally managed to finish Boots and gave him away to Doras owner so they are finally together.

Thats enough blogging for now I am itching to get back to my giraffes the sooner I finish them the quicker I will post a  picture here
Don't forget I love receiving comments that's what make blogging worthwhile

Sunday, 6 February 2011

free crochet patterns

I must share this with all you crochet lovers out there (if you didnt know already)
loads and loads of free crochet patterns have just been added to this site

including this one
cookie monster

   I must do this now isn't he great

And this one so cute maybe i'll start this one as well

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed with all these patterns (can you tell)

What about this one

My grandson will just love this

Notice i'm back to doing what I love best apart from crocheting that is
(cutting and pasteing)
and I've still got an unfinished blog to complete shame on me
Cuteki kawaii