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created 2014

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

cleaning up

hi just thought i ought to let you know what i have been up to
Been messing around with my blog and to my amazement i have been following over 130 blogs. I don't know whether this is good or bad. but i just can't keep up with all these, so i have been deleting some. mainly book related ones.
 Hope i haven't got rid of anyone I shouldn't have please let me know. But i just felt it was time to clean my blog up so to speak.
 I keep finding new blogs I want to follow so felt I had no choice but to disregard those I don't follow, hope no one is upset about this.

How many other blogs do people follow and how often do you visit them I wonder

I am still working my way through them , I would like to get the list down to about 50 which i think will be more manageable

See you later

Friday, 10 December 2010

I've been neglecting my crochet ramblings for a while now. Too busy with the snow photos and building snowmen lol.
So here is an update on my crochet work.
Guess what came in the post the other day, I am so excited to own it.A brand new AMIGURUMi BOOK,it contains lots of patterns also a chapter on Taking Care Of Your Hands
Here is a quote

Use the thumb of your left hand to knead the palm of your right,while at the same time wrapping the left fingers around the right hand to rub its back.

I am trying this as due to my obsessiveness with the hook I have had to take anti-inflamatories for the aches (lol)

Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute

The only problem I've got with this book is which pattern to start first,or do i start at the front and work my way thro,??
Decisions decisions

Here are some photos of my latest work hope you like looking at them

These are Jolly Little Goody Bags
Very quick and easy to make up, fill them with goodies for a nice personal gift
the link to the pattern is here

I'm afraid the photos don't do them much justice .They are so cute and can be made any size and colour, a great idea to use up any left over yarn

This is an open top mitten and although i loved making it, it won't be a pair
There are a few adjustments i need to do, size,holes, etc So if anyone knows who would like one mitten leave a comment (lol)
It should have a button on to fasten the top to the glove, but seeing as no one will be wearing it, i didn't want to waste a button
                                                    link to the pattern

This is a colourful ball, again i had fun crocheting it
It just consists of squares and hexagon's , I put some bells inside so I guess it could be a plaything for a cat

These are 2 of my W I P

This poor elephant has no face and is missing his top hat and tie, I am a bit unsure about his trunk , does it remind you of anything ???
He will get finished eventually

Here is Boots , Dora's friend , again he has not got a face, I wonder what it is when it comes to doing faces. I love the crochet part, even the sewing together is OK but I'm not keen on the faces. I will end up with a load of faceless toys
This pattern is from

I just love her pattens and I would love to crochet Alice in Wonderland and all her friends eventually

Piece of cake anyone ?

Do you like my monkey ?
He came free with a packet of PG tips
He's knitted but I would love to try and design a crochet pattern for him, I'm sure he would be very popular

It,s no wonder I'm fond of cutting and paste-ing this taking Photos and uploading them sure takes time. I've been editing this blog all day, how some of you make it look so easy is beyond me
So i will publish this now (before i forget) and I'm going to have a well deserved cup of tea
See you all soon


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lowry ??????

Couldn't resist sharing this photo.
It's local, Cusworth Hall, but on a parr with a Lowry painting.
If I had took this picture, I would get some postcards printed and sell them in aid of charity.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Hi all sorry for not blogging for a while . As you see from the photos I have been busy with my camera

Really i have been indulging in my favourite pastime (apart from crochet)
cutting and paste-ing. (hope these aren't copywrite)

We have had brilliant weather as you can see from the photos , not had snow like this for years.

Like it or hate it ????
The photos are great, wish i had taken them, but not that talented.

Been busy crocheting , photos to follow soon.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Many thanks to Hayley at PINKFLUFFYWARRIOR for giving me this award  Truely appreciated.

I now have to tell you 10 things about myself

I have only been blogging for about 6 months
I am addicted to crochet,mainly amigurami
I have enough wool/yarn to open a shop
I have enough books to open a library
I am a 55year old grandmother of 1 grandaughter(10) and 1 grandson(3)
I have been married for three years
I love our caravan
I love my laptop which hubby bought
I work in a Pharmacy for 30 hours per week (too many)
I'd rather blog/crochet/read than do housework

I would like to pass this award onto 10 of my favourite bloggers
It is very hard to pick only 10 but here goes

Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns & Random Cuteness
Attic 24
Strumpets crumpets
The happy hoopy wool junkie
Clara at amieggs
Rebecca Danger
Clara's crochet room
Kelly (former) france blog

And it goes without saying Pinkfluffywarrior
And many many more
I tried to copy and paste these blogs but couldn't find an easy way sorry to all
If you haven't visited any of these blogs before , I promise you won't be dissapointed.

Here is a picture of my latest project, which I made for a friend, I hope you like it. I had lots of fun crocheting it.
The pattern came from KANDJDOLLS it is Dora and next I am making Boots

Friday, 12 November 2010

book blogger hop

Book Blogger Hop

"If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?"

Hi welcome to this weeks book blogger hop and the question is above
I hate it when i've read a book and find out that it is part of a series and I've not read them in order. I feel as if I've missed something, because there always something in the book that relates to the previous one. I have to go on a mission to find the first book of the series and any following ones, then I start all over again.
I did this with the Harry Potter series. My daughter lent me a book, I think it was the third in the series and I was hooked. So I had to start  reading them from the begining, I enjoyed the book more the second time around, after getting to know the characters from day one.

This is another one of my favorite reads ( tried to post a picture but failed)
Here is a review of the book, I came across these other two books by ELLORY and they are on my tbr pile
I hope they are as good as ANGELS

This is not a book about a mass murderer and his motive, this is a story about the effect the murders have on a small town in southern USA. Joseph is the central character and you become part of him and are taken through every emotion of his life. This is from childhood through to his 40's. His life is quite tragic but he soldiers on and never gives up. I love the life described in small town USA, you really feel like you are there with him, the hot sun beating down, the simple folk that live there and when he goes to New York, the difference in life are well described. You get to know all his friends and really feel part of him. Well written, It'll take me a little while before I can get this out my head and start another book.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

just playing

Photobucket Link



Pure Imagination

 Just messing about again. Have I told you how much I love copy and paste--ing????
I would like my own button, but untill I have the time and patience to find/create one , why not grab other peoples, since they are there for the taking lol.
Have a look and let me know if I,ve missed yours or if theres a favourite out there.
Lazy blogger

Saturday, 6 November 2010

spooktacular giveaway winners

Gosh what a great response this giveaway has been, I would like to award all you lovely people who visited my blog and left a comment a prize but that is beyond my means i'm afraid.

I was considering doing a random number select but I think that is a bit inpersonal, so in time honoured fashion, I wrote everyones name down and put them all in a hat( soup bowl actually)
My helpfull Hubby drew the names out, so here goes.

Winner no 1 is April  (book and crocheted witch)
Winner no 2  is Taffy (book and crocheted pumpkin)
Winner no 3 is Melanie (crocheted witch and pumpkin)

Congratulations to you all and once again thankyou to everyone for entering.
It was great fun.

All winners will be emailed and as soon as you get back to me , I will post prizes out

Silly, silly, silly blogger
I tried to edit the last photos, so you don't have to turn your laptop over, or lay down to view them but gave up in the end. Neither could i delete them so just went for it.
Here are the photos correct way up and don't forget, if you were unsuccesfull in the giveaway blog and would like either a witch or a pumpkin, let me know.

winners announced

What a silly blogger I am.
I have just realised that I did not announce the winners of my Spooktacular Book Blog giveaway. I was that busy emailing the winners (and checking to see if I had won anything,not) that I completely forgot about posting them here.
Now it has just occured to me , I did blog about the winners, but never got around to publish it, a silly,silly blogger.

Here are the pictures of the crocheted prizes, because I made the giveaway international and all the winners were in the USA, if anyone else in the world would like a pumpkin or witch, please let me know.
I have enjoyed making these and I am gratefull to all who entered the giveaway that I will send upto 4 followers either a witch or pumpkin.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Book Blogger Hop

Hi and welome to my blog and this weeks Book Blogger Hop
Here is this weeks question

"What are your feelings on losing followers? Have you ever stopped following a blog?"

I am just amazed to have so many followers. I only started this blog after coming across esshaych blog on crochet. Before that I was ignorant of what a blog was lol.
I quickly became hooked so much so that I thought I'd like to try this, just for fun.
And here I am 5 months later with 60 folowers and 60+ blogs under my belt.
I suppose if I were to lose followers it might give me something to think about, is my blog too boring or where am I going wrong. I am just gratefull to have all these lovely followers and I know credit should go towards the Spooktacular Book Blog Giveaway, I had loads of fun.
At the moment I wouldn't stop being a follower (I don't know how to anyway)
I'm having too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't visited the following blog do so now. There is a brilliant giveaway going on so hop on over right now.

Grab My Button!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Crochet Projects Around the World: Add Your Link

Crochet Projects Around the World: Add Your Link: "Welcome to Crochet Projects Around the World! This blog is for all of us crocheters who love visiting other crochet blogs to see what they a..."

Check out these two sites (posted above) that i have just found
The first one is for all crochet lovers to join and the second one is doing a supergiveaway so go and visit now.

56 followers unbelievable
Most of these are due to The Spooktakular Book Blog Giveaway
Although I didn't ask the entrants to follower my blog I am very pleased that they choose to do so, so much so that all new followers will get 1 extra entry into the Spooktakular Giveaway YEAH , and there will be consolation prizes for a few of those who will lose out on the books.
Many thanks to all your kind comments , this is the first Giveaway I have entered and i have greatly enjoyed it
Although this is going to cost me a fortune sending out all the prizes hey ho
Book Blogger Hop
Welcome to this weeks Book Blogger Hop
This is this weeks question
And i guess everyones answer will be similar

"What is the one bookish thing you would love to have, no matter the cost?"

At the moment all my books are piled onto three bookshelves very haphazardly. If i want to find one particular book , it takes ages because they are doubled up(books behind books). I even have books overflowing in a box because the bookcases are full. I would love floor to ceiling book cases taking up two sides of the room, all in alphabetical order.
A visit to Ikea in the New Year is a must.
When we got invited to a house in France. we were shown around, and upstairs was a libary, i was so envious. A house in France with a library what more could one want.
The swimming pool and orchard were extras.

The Crazy Bookworm

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Check out this amazing new authors book blog
K C RANDALL is also participating in the spooktacular book blog hop
so why not go over to her awesome blog
do so now, this minute, what are you waiting for

Sunday, 24 October 2010

spooktacular book blog hop

I am a bit apprehensive about this and it will be a miracle if it works, but here goes.
I have joined in the Spooktakular Book Blog Giveaway Hop
This is what I am giving away:

Jurassic Park novel by Michael Crichton
Jurassic Park

Koko by Peter Straub


Because neither of these books are Halloweenish, the winners will also get either a hand crocheted Pumpkin or Halloween Witch. (crocheted by myself) If you have read my blog before, you will be aware of how obsessed I am with crocheting.

To enter all I am asking you to do is leave a comment (a nice one please)
and some way of getting into contact with you if you are lucky enough to win
Either a link to your own blog or a email address.

Giveaway is open internationally and ends on October 31st.

That’s it I think, as I’ve said it will be a miracle if this works.

Hop by all the other Blogs and enter their Giveaways:

Friday, 22 October 2010

Waiting in anticipation for the Book Blogger Hop
Hear are two of my favourite books, I,ve only read Shadow of the Wind , but i hope the Angels Game will be as good.

A friend recommend Shadow of the Wind and i will be forever gratefull to him, sadly he is no longer with us, but i did let him know how much i enjoyed reading it. This was about 3 years ago now and it is still my favourite read so far, i feel sad that he didn,t get to read the Angels Game but i will be thinking about him when i can eventually bring myself to start reading it.

Now on a happier note it is time for the weekly book blogger hop, i missed it last week, due to being in London with Cliff .So i have managed to get in early this time and i am number 28 (or thereabouts) on the book blogger list yeah

A short review of The Shadow
It is a book about a book. The experiences of a young boy,living in post civil war Barcelona,
who comes across a book named the Shadow Of the Wind. He becomes engrossed in the story and wants to find out more about the author who wrote it.
His curiosty sets him on the path to a thrilling and equally dangerous adventure. The book has twists and turns and is driven by its characters who will seduce you to the last line.
Be warned, a book you will be unable to put down yet don't want to finish.

"Where is your favorite place to read? Curled up on the sofa, in bed, in the garden?"
This is the weeks question posted for the book blogger hop

My favorite place is in our touring caravan when we are away for the weekend.
At home it is totally curled up on the sofa with ,either a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, depending on the timing (of course)

Book Blogger Hop
Cuteki kawaii