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created 2014

Friday, 26 August 2011

winner again

Just a short post before we head off to Scarborough for a week in our caravan, how am i going to cope with no blogging sob sob

I think i've mentioned before that I'm a fan of Lets Get Crafting mag, as soon as its due out i rush to the shops to buy one and


there on the letter page was my letter !!!!!

not any old letter but the STAR one that means i have won £ 50 gift voucher from Hobbycraft


so all of you who buy Lets Get Crafting that's my letter,

my second win this week hoping i can make it a third with the lottery and guess what?

I've got two numbers that means a win of

ta ta

£ 2.50

What will I buy from Hobbycraft ?

A book or two I think as my wool stash is overflowing , but there again will I be able to resist. I haven't been to Hobbycraft for years I'm sure it will be hard trying to spend the voucher.

Thanks again to Laura for her super giveaway and I  haven't forgotten to post pictures of the goodies, I'll get straight onto that on our return .

Buy for now

Friday, 19 August 2011

giveaway winner yeah

I'm a winner   whoopee,
Laura from Cute Crocheted Creations is doing a lot of craft work to prepare for her soon to be wedding and still has time to host a giveaway.!!!!!
Amazing giveaway thank you so excited.
Go and check out Laura's blog, brilliant photos especially from her mums garden,
I will post photos of the gifts as soon as possible.

just as a matter of course, do you prepare a post, keep adding to it, then post it when you are happy with it or just post it anyway.???

I've been doing the later but I'm finding it easier to prepare a post first, then if it needs editing or adding to, it's quick to do, before finally posting it.
does that all make sense???

this is one i prepared early
didn't want to post it until after 19th as it would have spoilt surprise for Jo's birthday
hope its the right colour Joanne
Happy Birthday Jo hope you have a good one.

this picture is a bit dark it doesn't show the true colour off very good
since taking this photo i have added a card insert also a loop and button on top so it can be closed if needed. loved making this as a break from ami's

I've also loved making this cushion cover i got the idea from the

 wanted to use this variegated yarn tho saves the hassle of sewing in all the ends from colour changes

again the photo doesn't show the colours up

I've had this hook case for quite a while now but only just remembered to take a photo. It contains most of my hooks, and has a small, lined pocket to keep some scissors in, i made a chain to link through the handles to fasten to a button to prevent them from falling out genius or what lol

I've joined a swap a month group over on Ravelry, my partner lives in America, good idea or what?
How much is it going to cost me to send a gift over there oh well, I've more or less decided on what i am going to send,something already made up, so that will save me some work.

This is the completed basket, with the button loop closing and i hope a better photo,to show up the colour.
This is the the third one I've made, love the texture of the stitch, as with everything else, it takes longer to sew up than to crochet it.

More photos of my cushion as you can see its got rather big, that's to accommodate the cushion insert that hubby got .I decided to join on a darker colour and i do think its superb, I'm considering joining  front and back with white or pale blue as a contrast, what do you think ?
It looks like a huge pinwheel or a cover for the spare tyre on the back of our car
.I've actually read someones blog and they crocheted a wheel cover for the back of their camper van , it looked amazing but I don't think I'll go that far.

Going to Bridlington for the weekend and hopefully when we get back I might have received a surprise in the post, photos to be posted as soon as i can

Thanks again to Laura for holding a great giveaway and of course to Laura's mum for picking out my name.

Have a good weekend everybody I know I will.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Just returned from a day at Drayton Manor. I tagged along with my Daughter, son-in- law,grandson and grandaughter.It was a very good day.
For anyone who doesn't know drayton is the home of Thomas Land, you can see all of Thomas,s friends and have a ride on them.
Brilliant for all young (and old ) Thomas fans.

The week before we had a few days near Buxton in our caravan. The site is brilliant, it is called Clover Fields and i would highly recommend it.
Adults only, which made it nice and peacefull, a working farm, with donkeys, ponies and alpacas.
Tea rooms are planned for 2012 when hopefully we will return.
I just lazed about and did plenty of crocheting which is my ideal holiday, oh and shopping of course.

At the bottom of the road is a Bookstore with everybook imaginable, you can have a free drink with every purchase,while you browse your book.

Ideally situated for Buxton, Bakewell, Matlock and of course the Peak district on your doorstep.

 A warm welcome from donkey who had just returned from a visit to her boyfriend, maybe a baby donkey for next year? That must mean a return visit.

 This is a photo of the alpacas, not very welcoming animals, but nice to look at, I'm on the hunt for some alpaca yarn, its very expensive though.
Apologies for the photo but you should be able to enlarge it and have a closer look.
These photos look a bit dull, the weather was brilliant, just a bit windy, had no rain at all which is a bonus.

Crochet photos next time.
Cuteki kawaii