created 2014

created 2014

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Quick easter post

Just a short post from me today on Easter Sunday

I,ve been busy testing a pattern  for Steph and I need to finish a baby blanket as the birth is imminent
I had a lovely Easter surprise from Steph , a knitted bunny and Easter chocolates, photos to follow later

Shall we mention the snow, no , probably not , but can I just share this photo, courtesy of Yorkshire Calendar, Its Conisbough Castle and just down the road from where we live, unbelievably lovely and makes you feel good to live here

Its a picture worthy of being made into a postcard

Our caravan all ready for France
All the above photos have been shared from facebook , I do not claim them as my own photos,

This , below, is from Steph and she gave her permission to share it with everybody , so thanks for that steph

So, that is it , I said it was going to be a short one, after all we have lost an hour some where, hope you have all remembered to put the clocks forward,
Here comes April

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy birthday to me

Normally I wouldn't have celebrated my birthday with anyone here , when you have had as many as I have you don,t need reminding
but I have had such a surprise come through the post this morning , so I had to share it here with you,
my third post in 3 days

Steph , very kindly sent me this , a hand painted wee witchy card and a gorgeous brooch , I,m overwhelmed with all my birthday wishes and presents,, at first I thought how come so many people know , then realised ,duh , it's on my Facebook profile

So , I would like to thank everyone for making this day a brilliant one
One big Thankyou

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

try again post

Two posts in two days , whatever has got into me

My post on 27,02 was a tad hurried and I gave no real explaination and gratification for the photos I put on there, so I thought , while I am in a blogging mood , I would do just that

Steph over  at   show and tell    started at 50 book challenge blog and its good fun and going along really great ( much better than this blog ) so if you want to hop over and  take a look  , heres the link, or you can even join in, its not too late

50 book challange

Being so generous , Steph sent us all a surprise package which included a book token , that I have still to spend, a piece of bookish material ,a hand knitted book mark (picture somewhere ) a packet of garden seeds,  and   days later I received another parcel , as we are taking part in the Tea Swap which Lucy at    inthesky      orgainised and yet more super goodies,  Hand crocheted star coasters, a hand embroidered card, tea pot and tea bag charms ( which I loved so much I had to buy some ) , everything stops for tea ribbon , a teeny crocheted cup of tea with biscuit , chocolate tea ( i'm going to have a cup as a reward for doing this extra post ) a camomile tea candle,, so that is a better explaination of the photos , I was truly overwhelmed with all of Steph goodies

Just look at this cross stitched card and the Tea is Ready biscornu, I missed off my list, I've wanted to own a biscornu for ages and now i've got one

Oh just remembered Steph gave me an award , which I have talked about it my last post, when the pesky photo wouldn't upload,

Also , and again a much delayed post (which I am ashamed to say )  I won a giveaway from Catherine  over here   at a time to create .  Catherine has a beautifull family and takes some wonderfull photos  ,

This is what was waiting for me when i came home from work , such a lovely surprise,,a little book of Positivity,, washi tape, a hand made necklace  and a beautifull note book ,  thankyou so much Catherine,, the notebook cover is of wallpaper which was designed for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London back in 1896, and to say this came all the way from Australia , what a delightfull present .

At the moment I have a fancy for crocheting dishcloths , not that I'll ever use them

Look at my Mothers day gifts, and a treat out for a meal, aren't I lucky

Had to share this, These two photos have been cropped , not by me , better over on my facebook page

 More from my favourite site


I am going to delete this one forever, so it won't find its way on here again (hang on .I think I 've already done that )
Just when I was doing so well
April is looming up fast

Monday, 11 March 2013

Liebster award

hi all and I've been given an award
Shame on me for not posting about this earlier, but we've been away the last 3 weekends in our caravan and rhat is when I usually find time to blog

The award was nominated by Steph over         at show and tell            , thanks alot Steph

I have to reveal 11 facts about myself , very hard to do actually but here goes

1.  I am shocked that my blog has survived so long
2.  I love reading other blogs more than posting on my own
3.  I'm in love with my new mini ipad
4.  I had my first pyjama day only 4 weeks ago
5.  I've got enough wool to stock a wool shop
6.  I've enough books to start a library
7.  I've 86 books on my kindle but I still have to buy books
8.  It's my birthday on Wednesday
9.  I'm on holiday all this week (yeah)
10. I have to have a Boyes fix wherever we go
11. I'll be having one of the above Thur, Frid, Sat, in Bridlington

Now to answer Stephs questions

1. I am inspired by all those who crochet and post patterns for free
2. My favourite place to create is at home on the settee
3. Blue skies all the time
4. My favourite tree is a blossom tree
5. Syrup always , Don't like honey
6  Steak and kidney
7. Dogs definately
8. Coronation street
9. Tea , coffee now and again
10.My best ever read has to be Shadows of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron

Great questions Steph

Now to nominate 11 blogs,

1. Steph  @  Show and Tell
2. EssHaych
3. A Time to Create
4. Calmly Creative
5. Chalkys World
6. Cosy Corner
7. Crochet Therapy
8. Cate's crochet blog
9. Inthesky
10. Mellie moos crochet
11. Yellow pink and sparkly

phew that took some doing and I know of loads more who have already been given the award , and some of these have got more than 200 followers already , and some of these haven't posted for awhile
but there we are
sorry for not linking these up

It has took me two long hours to get the award picture up , so I am posting this now , my patience has been sorely tested, I know I should visit every blog nominated to tell them about this award but time has run away with me , sorry

now to ask my 11 questions

1. Favourite colour
2. Favourite TV programme
3. Favourite food
4. Knit or Crochet
5. Books or e readers
6. Favourite holiday place
7. Favourite flower
8. Favourite clothes
9. Favourite person
10. Favourite Christmas present
11. Favourite season

Again, no one is under any obligation to answer these questions, after all its just all good fun

Cuteki kawaii