created 2014

created 2014

Sunday, 27 July 2014

July over and out

In my April post , I told how I had won a book giveaway from Tracy over at Petty Witter, and finally , much to my shame here is my review of the book

Although aimed at young adults, this is a brilliant read for all ages , it is an honest , often painful but uplifting tale of two young people who are going through the heartache of suffering from cancer , and they meet on the ward, it would make a brilliant film , I'm thinking along the lines of love storey which was a big hit, Matthew Crow has given the right balance to this novel and all the characters are very well portrayed you feel for them. It's a novel that I want to read again and I highly recommend it.

Now , back to reality and the new member of our family , he has only been with us a month , but our lives have been completely changed.

This is Oscar, a cockerlier , a bundle of mischief , fun and hard work.

The travelling craft box has arrived and left , it was full to the brim of wonderful creations and it was a hard decision knowing what to pick. I wanted everything. In the end I went for 10 items , 3 of them were mine, so I didn't feel too guilty about taking so many , these are my picks

Embroidered face cloth from cucki , knitted kokeshi doll and cat brooch from lori, crocheted garland and brooch from steph s , yeti ami from steph o ,crocheted bracelet from Kerry,

Steph s from show and tell also included a free piggy for us to take ,

And these are my makes , what I replaced them with

Scaredy cat mat


House key ring, crocheted hat pin cushion

Set of four cotton coasters, very enjoyable to do

Embroidered felt pomanders, it's the first time I've made these and really enjoyed the sewing.

Faceless cat, I'm hopeless at faces so left it blank

Crocheted retractable tape measure , made a few of these , all different , fun to do

Crocheted cup cake

Crochet hook roll holder , or really versatile for anything , just roll up and go

Loved making this mini owl cushion

It's good I had made a lot in advance , otherwise I would have had to use my full 3 weeks quota to replace my picks , because Oscar is ocupying a lot of my time.

Maybe if I start now, by the time the box comes back to me next year , I'll be prepared ,

Oh, I forgot to mention I also included a couple of freebies for Kerry's two children ,

Ok ok Oscar I'm coming


Friday, 4 July 2014

Bicycles and tee shirts

I prepared this post last month and did not get round to finishing it off , so it seems appropriate to post it now , we had a few days in York followed by a visit to Knaresborough. Don't you just love Knaresborough , I know I do . The weather wasn't brilliant but you can't have everything.


It was lovely to see all the preparation for the tour d'france, I loved the brightly coloured t shirts , they were still putting them up , so it will look glorious when the time comes , I hope they have lots of coverage on TV.

This wool covered bike is brilliant , in a wool shop , I asked permission to take a photo and they were holding a knit and knatter, how I wished I could have joined in.

My favourite all time view of Knaresborough.


I came home from a hot day at work on Thursday and a surprise was waiting for me

It's from steph at show and tell , we have been doing a 50 book read challenge and although Laura is probably on her 150th book by now ( only joking laura) steph , would started the group got to the 50 mark and as a celebration she sent me this

Isn't it cute, it will definitely come in handy ,

News from the travelling craft box , it's my turn next , yeah , so that will be my next post.

Although blogging, fb, reading , even crocheting , is taking a back seat at the moment because of this 9 week old , little bundle of fluff ,more to follow



Friday, 6 June 2014

Belated Easter

Shame on me , it's been nearly two months since my last post, where has the time gone .

We went to Rutland water and had a trip on a boat , photo opportunity

Love the thatched roofs

Couldn't resist this , saw it on attic 24 's blog and how I longed for one of myown

Purchase's and Easter gifts from steph over at show and tell


Cuteki kawaii