created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 31 August 2013

September tomorrow

Goodness isn't this year flying past

We have had a brilliant bank holiday weekend at Bakewell , I keep saying the weather definitely helps , Bakewell was very busy as so it should be for a bank holiday ,

Loads of crafty goodness getting done , made a few more bunting , I' d originally intended it for the marquee that we go in but why not adorn our caravan with it ,


Out of our caravan window

Look at our early morning alarm call , 7.30 am , luckily I didn't have to go far to get these pictures , reminded of when we went up a few years ago, a brilliant experience , until it came to the landing that is .


There was a bear fair on at the showground and I just marvelled at the different types of bears and the detail gone into making them , been doing a bit of cross stitching , a mini caravan , which I thought appropriate ,just to finish off the back stitching , then I think I might frame it , it's a Mouseloft kit ,( thanks Laura for the recommendation ) bought off amazon and somehow I ended up ordering two , what to do with the other one I wonder ?



All too soon our weekend was over and back to work on Tuesday

I had a sudden urge , as you do , to start another granny blanket , they are so satisfying to make , I'm just adding the colours randomly , as I go along


I'll leave August with this postcard I received from steph , see you in September



Wednesday, 21 August 2013

August goodies

Loads and loads of goodies to show , if you saw my last post , for the travelling craft box I crocheted a smiley purse. Steph over at show and tell , had made a hobbit hole brooch for Laura and she very kindly offered to do a swap for a smiley purse

Here is the purse , slightly different from the first one

Hello Kitty on one side

And of course a smiley face on the other side

I made a strap for this and attached a hedgehog charm as a zip pull

Along with the purse , I enclosed a cat toy for moonpie and treats for Tudor , a keep calm and eat chocolate note pad and a crocheted flower

The purse was filled with a few crafty goodies and I also sent a small tin of sweets which I had bought in France







These crocheted flowers are very easy and pleasing to do






In return look at the goodies which Steph sent me

Shall we start with the Hobbit Hole, isn't it beautiful


Look at this magical pouch , containing , well , loads of magic , it's stitched beautifully , with an angel to guard over it, just love the beading round the edges

An angel box , complete with angel inside , it's exquisite, I think the charm on the front looks a bit like Steph , with long hair , must get some of the angelina fibres


A Fairy Card , a beautifully crocheted mini doily with a dancing fairy charm


Love the wee witchy doodle card , with a message inside , and cute hand painted wooden buttons , you can buy these from Steph's folksy shop , but I've got them for free , yeah


Have a closer look at the details on the buttons ,


Chocolate bars , beads , angel charms and ribbons completed the goodies

Thankyou so much Steph ,


I've also been on the bunting bandwagon , still on it really , they are so satisfying to do , the only question is what will I do with them , maybe watch this space , or this blog , I made a few for the travelling craft box and have just carried on from there


As soon as I saw this , I had to make one , its supposed to be a mobile phone cover , but will I use it as such ?


Still can't fathom out the links , sorry Steph , one day ,one day .

One last photos of all my goodies 


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Still practising

As you can see , I,m still practising with blogsy

Have had a sort out of my photos. And I came across these which deserve their own post

I snaffled them from the travelling craft box and all were made by steph , from show and tell

I did feel a tiny bit selfish as it is my first time with the box but these makes were hard to resist


A love and light brooch , beautifully embroided and framed with beads





3 guardian angels pin , brilliant detail



A wee witchy doodle , framed ,












Crocheted hello kitty amigurami , isn't,t she cute , comes with her own blanket, love the fairy yarn edging and on kitty's dress










A beautiful hanging fairy ,











A detailed backwork biscornu , with a green man charm , I want to have a go at this sometime , my biscornu collection is slowly growing










A free hug , I had a hard time choosing which one to keep , again beautifully stitched with beading roun the edge




Well , as you can see , these all deserved their own post , and I hope I haven,t missed any out , forgive me steph if I have , I also wanted to practice linking up but as this is a second attempt at this post ( the first one was almost done then it went all haywire and for some reason I couldn't, edit it )

So now I,ll publish and leave linking up for later, I have provided links to show and tell (steph's blog ) in an earlier post after having to resort to my laptop


Friday, 2 August 2013

Practice again

Practicing with blogsy again


The colours in this photo are not showing up very well ,, enjoyed making this afghan , had the wool quite a while so it was nice to start and finish it , wasn,t sure how big to make it, you can get carried away its so relaxing, it's going to Prague for a new baby, hope they like it

This Easter bunny doll is going with the blanket for a little girl called nicol , she's been made for a while and I was going to keep her but I,ll just have to make another one , oh this close up of the blanket shows the colours better, good

I love making these , made a few now , again so satisfying and relaxing to do , it's going with the above for a 2 year old boy ,


And here they all are together , ready to be packed away

I hope they will be well received , sorry to see them go .










Cuteki kawaii