created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring into March

Well March had finally arrived , thank goodness , a couple of reasons to celebrate March, one I,m keeping quiet about , two, I have a week off work and we are going away in our caravan ,yippee

Do you like the daffodils , my mum bought me them ,

We should have gone for a long valentines weekend but due to the rain we had to cancel as the field was waterlogged , this time we are definately going not even snow will stop us.

I,ve been doing a few bits of crochet , but can't show the photos yet, I,ve started another baby blanket , the parents who had the last one wanted one all blue , and you can't do a granny blanket in one colour ( or can you) so I choose to use a bobble stitch and although I like the look of it , it's hard going

I,ve also dabbled with some more wet felting , I think I'm finally getting the hang of it , the ideas are limitless , once you've got the basic idea and it's very addictive , wet felted bowls anyone ?

I started another one yesterday , and wanted to make this one bigger
Here is the finished product , drying out


I,m on the final book of the Harry potter readathon , and it will be a great wrench to finish them , although you want to finish reading them you want to take your time also, does that make sense ?

I had to share this photo of my grandson meeting Hagrid and Harry Potter, wish I could have been there. He might look a bit old to have a teddy bear but it was his turn to have the school mascot, called Patrick and this photo will be going in Patricks diary.

I treated myself to two new crochet hooks , aren't they great , they are made by little boo yarns and sold by sconch textiles

I had a dabble with some fimo and made one of my own , but plenty of practice needed here , I'm afraid , it was fun though

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