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created 2014

Sunday, 28 April 2013

april nearly gone

My blogger friend Lucy says where has the week gone ,I say where has the month gone

Still persevering with the iPad for posting but I will have to buy an app where you can post pictures where you want and not just at the end of this post ,and hopefully do some linking up , which I can't do at the moment

23 rd April was world book night and fortunately I was again chosen to be a giver, my chosen book was The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry , not one I,ve read before , I am taking part in a 50 book challenge created by Steph at  show and tell  ,so we are all doing a read along , starting on Friday ,just in time to enjoy some relaxation for the bank holiday .

I,m also considering doing a craft fair next month, it's only £6 for a table which I don,t think is too bad , not too much money to waste if you don't sell anything , so I am crocheting like mad , I,ll take photos of all my finished products for next month,s post.

Oh just remembered ,I won,t be here at the end of May, we,ll be in France ,yeah , so hopefully I,ll get a post in early or late ,

There,s been some brilliant sunsets the last few days , I knew I shouldn't, have done ,but I wanted to share a photo , not a very good one I,m afraid taken with the iPad , maybe I should have used my trusty phone but that would have meant bluetoothing it to my laptop etc etc , taking up valuable crochet time

See you in May

well I,ve had to resort to my laptop, I foolishly published this post on the 50 book challenge blog
although I was going to leave it as it was  and Steph (thanks ) kindly offered to try and change it for me , I thought I would give it a go and wonders it worked , so much for using my ipad
I,ve just realised also I showed the photo of my books in my last post , oh well, just in case you missed it the first time just been looking at my photos on my phone and came across these two, so it would have been rude of me not to show them , I decided to do another tea swap with Lucy and these are what I sent her, along with a book The Kashmir Shawl by rosie Thomas
I soon had a reply back from Lucy to say Thankyou and how much she had enjoyed the tea
Finally here's our new caravan which we are going to France in

Now I'm off to delete this post from the 50 book challenge blog "sigh"

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Friday, 12 April 2013

Mid April post

This post is overdue as Easter was two weeks ago.
I thought , instead of continually swapping between iPad, mobile and laptop, I,d give it a go just solely on my iPad,  cross fingers and see what happens ,

For Easter I received a lovely surprise and completely unexpected parcel from steph
Although I have mentioned it in my last post , no photos were taken , shame on me ,
Also steph kindly sent me a pattern to test out and I was overjoyed to be doing this

Okay I might be getting somewhere, I,ve been trying for last 15 mins to get some pictures up , now lets see

This is the card and knitted bunny which arrived in the post, the chocolate didn't,t last long enough for a photo

The next is Helena , a beautiful crocheted geisha girl again from steph's shop , the original pattern is from esshaych whom got me on this blogging and crocheting lark ,

The next photo is of a baby girls blanket which I was asked to make , I don,t know how we'll it has been received , but it was so simple and relaxing to do

The final photo is ,,, da dah ,,, drum roll please , Faery hedgepig. Making his debut appearance on here , a lovely pattern , again from steph at show and tell

I can,t figure out how to link up on here and I don,t know in which order the photos will appear , but here goes , I,m pressing the publish button and I,m determined not to resort to my laptop to edit this

Cuteki kawaii