created 2014

created 2014

Monday, 31 December 2012

December collage

Sorry , my December collage is lacking in pictures

Not many pictures , I apologise, the weather hasn't been that brilliant , ( not a good excuse really)
I've been pre occupied with my new toy, a mini iPad
Although I managed to publish my last post from Mr Ipad, I was unable to edit it afterwards , you can probably tell that with the picture which is on its side, Hopefully, and its a big hope, Januarys post will be better with more pictures.
This is how December started

Thought we were in for a real cold spell. but this was only one day and then the rain came

After a long and difficult day at work, I arrived home to find that this had arrived, which really cheered me up

Lovely Christmas decorations which say 
 "Christmas is on its way "

A crocheted dolls pram blanket, for a friends Granddaughter, really pleased with the colouring
Santa's Reindeer having a rest before a busy night
I have been invited to contribute to a new blog which Steph over at dolly daydreams
has started, its a 50 book reading challenge and anyone is welcome to join in
thanks steph for doing this

I'm finishing this year with a (cheat) photo of Sydney celebrating the arrival of 2013
Wishing you all a Happy New Year
and with thanks for taking time to have a look at my blog and for all your lovely comments which I truly appreciate
 Didn't want this photo on here, but can't get rid

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone
Hope you have all had a great time and got everything you wished for
I've been playing around on my iPad

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


An extra mid month post to celebrate   12/12/12

Is celebrate the right word ?

When a date will never be repeated again and how unique this date is, does that give us something to celebrate ?

I think It does , so hence my extra mid month post.

Which would be okay if I had something interesting to write about.

So here is some pictures instead,

 The hairy sugar plum fairies

 Not our house, but taken today

Guess What ?????

I didn't want this photo on here, I can't remove it, I can't upload anymore
So that's all you are going to get on 12/12/12
Definitely a jinx on today , what a great post
Maybe I'll get to edit it later, maybe not

Friday, 30 November 2012

november allsorts

My November Collage

Compared to last month, November seems to have gone rather slow,
enjoyably slow really, plenty of time to do things ,not rushing about to get the end of month posting done but hey ho here we are, enjoy

A friends wedding
 Beautifull Cinderella Wedding Cake

Unexpected guests

Just finished eating, thankgoodness, and the fire alarms went off
Evacuated, a balloon had gone up the chimney setting it on fire
At least it wasn't raining

Picture poser
What is this ??
Answer at the bottom of the post
Latest Lets Get Crafting mag
a bumper filled edition of amigurami
my favourite
Planning our next years trip
Just had to have this,maybe finish a few wip before starting on one of these
or maybe not

Lovely autumnal colours, wish it was in my garden though

A fantastic crocheted tissue box holder, I would love to make this, no pattern though,
more photos over on  Comunidada de arte e artesanato
on FB, sorry couldn't figure how to link it up.
Thanks to Katie for giving me this link its brilliant
Love the colouring in this, almost a pattern
more from this site
Ahhhhhhh bless

cup of tea anyone ??

Love these , daddy caravan , mummy caravan and baby caravan, how cool are they
 Wanted to share this with everyone it is so apt, they should put these in all yarn shops and seaside arcades , this cartoon is shared from PollyKrafts

Moving on to better things 
Can you remember my prize
From Steph's Giveaway ?
I've been saving the best while last

A list of what was in the box

Giant Pincushion
Knitted Totoro
Hand made card
Cross Stitch Scatter Smiles Mini Cushion
Magnetic Bookmark
Crocheted Monster with loads of goodies inside
A lucky bag filled with lots of Charms

all my goodies, grouped together


I,ve tried to get the pictures to behave again and go in the order I want them in but they just won't play today, other fellow bloggers are having the same problem.


Craft monster
Great giveaway gifts, thanks so much Steph  And guess what ? Steph is holding a Christmas Giveaway so what are you waiting for, go and visit and enter, to win some goodies, thats what I did.

Now I can't even get my text to behave,, tut tut,

Early in November we went to York and while there a new Hobbycraft store opened, so of course I had to visit
and I took a picture of a giant walking ball of wool, I wanted to take it home but it wouldn't fit in the car.

My current wip,,a dolls pram blanket using self striping yarn, I love it

I'm thinking of giving it a white border just to lighten it up a bit
Oh, don't forget to check out my updated 50 books to read post
see if you can guess which was my last book i read.
has anyone guessed the answer to my picture poser , above
It was in the hotel where we had the wedding and I reconised what it was straight away,
It used to be our highlight of our holidays, every year in Great Yarmouth,
to have a go on one of these, sad really
Its a weighing seat,
you would sit on it, give the man his money, he would raise you up off the ground , and adjust the weights to obtain how much you weighed
Yes really.

 Not of my doing,,, i'm afraid,, saw this in a charity shop, brand new, had to buy it, lovely colours, only after opening it up at home I noticed the centre square is a bit crooked, such a shame, I'm thinking of ways to make it look ok, any ideas gratefully received.

Now finally my last photo on the last day of November 2012
Thanks for looking
Here comes Christmas



Cuteki kawaii