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created 2014

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

october over and out

Hasn't this month gone quick, did I say that in September ? probably
Anyhow here we are at the end of October , been nowhere , done nothing, hardly any pictures to show you.

Not much to show on the crochet front I'm afraid, my wip's from last post are still that

I don't think I've shown this before, an on going project, I have seen a lot of random crochet on blogs so I gave it a go, no pattern to follow, no counting,just do whatever takes your fancy, simples

random crochet

I wanted to contribute to Lucy's     RAINBOWS PROJECT            so I have made a couple of hats and a blanket, loads more to make though before I'll send them off.


Yeah, I've won a giveaway,, yeah
I was so pleased to see my name appear on Steph's blog, over here
I've got a great reason to do a mid month post now , with photos of  my prize,
Thanks so much Steph and as Lucy says I'm a lucky duck,

Three books for a fiver, bargain
sorry Cath , couldn't wait until Christmas for this, its great fun
Photos from the last day of October

I didn't think these sunflowers would flower, left it too late, but these two are defying all odds, fancy having sunflowers at the end of October,  the leaves have been badly eaten but the flower has survived,  memo to myself don't leave them too late next year.

on this last hour of October 2012
my last picture

Are you curious as to why I should be showing this ?
Maybe I ought to keep you all guessing until next month
Or maybe I will put you all out of your misery
No one was in this afternoon to receive my parcel
boo hoo
I think it could be my giveaway prize from Steph
and as I am unable to go to the post office until Monday
(sorry Steph)  this is the nearest I could get
to show you .
See you all in November.
Happy Halloween

Thursday, 18 October 2012


hurry hurry don't miss out on this great give away  in it to knit it   go and visit now, this minute, or you will be sorry

Thursday, 11 October 2012

done it

At last, after much hair pulling and grimaces, I have finally managed to upload more photos from September , 11 days late


two of my current w.i.p.

roll up and go crochet case started a year ago


Ted the second, gone to a very worthy cause

Mr Moos Ice Cream Parlour, Skipsea,

Sunset and a Knickerbocker Glory, yum yum

Sutton Park House and gardens , another sunset



My last photos of September 2012, taken on the last day of the month

from our back garden.


Cuteki kawaii