created 2014

created 2014

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

long overdue

I am ashamed with myself. Its took me too long to post these photos. I should make more of an effort with updating this more often .

These are the gifts I received from Laura over at  Laura has recently been married,been on honeymoon and back, and she has still managed to update her blog and posted photos of a giveaway she won. Which put me to shame.

that's what happens when i rush things you will just have to lay down to see him properly
look at his "created for you" badge
I love these so much , went onto Internet and bought some but mine has got "hand made"

thank you Laura I love everything.

We were in our caravan for the bank holiday weekend and stayed at Oliver's Mount Scarborough.  Thankfully the weather was kind to us after all the rain we had.

what a view, I just love Scarborough, I remember coming up here years ago with a family friend who lived in Scarborough and she wanted to share the view with us , my mother and father, memories.

Down on the harbour, hard to believe you're not in some exotic country abroad.

And here is Bridlington Harbour with the Pirate boat, this photo is for my grandson who is into Pirates at the moment.

This is my package ready to be posted over to America, Its the first swap I am doing over on ravelry. I don't want to post photos of what I've sent just in case my swap partner will read this but photos to follow

I've just previewed this post and noticed that over at Urban Tortoise there has been hatching's so I am hopping over there now to see the babies
speak to you soon

Friday, 9 September 2011


I really shouldn't have done but what the heck lol
I signed up to a CAL
I've already got in mind the yarn I'm going to use and I haven't done a CAL for a while now so thats my excuse

If you fancy it pop over to Maybe Matilda blog, how come I've haven't come across this before?

It could be my WIP number 12

Thursday, 8 September 2011

meerkat fun

Just had to post this so funny for all meekat lovers.
A friend (Loraine) has just purchased insurace and she posted this on Facebook so i had to share.Shes now waiting for the toy.

It takes a while to load up but its worth the wait.
Cuteki kawaii