created 2014

created 2014

Monday, 30 August 2010

cutting and pasting again

i must stop being lazy and just cutting and pasting.
(but it's so good and easy)
I will resume normal blogging as soon as possible.
Watch this space.
Still busy with testing a pattern for esshaych I just love it.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

new giveaway

hi everyone
have you heard about the new crochet giveaway its by GANTY on CRAFTING LOVER blog. It,s a brilliant blog so why not pop over and have a look. Sorry this is only a short blog but i am too busy crocheting a tester pattern for ESSHAYCH. Hey i have now got three followers (i can't really include myself can i).
See you all soon

Monday, 23 August 2010

cutting and pasting

love this i found it somewhere and just had to have it

lions and meerkats

here are the photos from ourvisit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park
I am quite pleased with how they have turned out. What a difference from using a phone and a camera (i think so anyway) Instead of writing my blog it could just contain photos, what do you think? No words only pictures and i like this copying and pasting lark lol

Sunday, 22 August 2010

new giveaway

hi all
have you read about the new giveaway by Twistyfishies?
i wish i had the courage (and time) to do something like that and get all those nice comments from other bloggers and fans. Why don't you check it out if you haven't already lol.
I have had a lovely day out today at Yorkshire Wildlife Park with my daughter and grandson, saw the lions wow. Photos to follow.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

new pet

hey do you like my new pet?
why not feed him a treat and he will love you for ever?

Monday, 16 August 2010

wow i am getting the hang of this now (cutting and pasting)
There is no stopping me now and I have got two followers
No housework for me sorry hubby

Sunday, 15 August 2010


I Took The Handmade Pledge!

i,ve done it

Well well if at first you don'tsucceed try and try and try again.I received a lovely message about the problem of putting itsys logo on my blog , thank you so i thought I'd give it another go an lo and behold it worked. So now I've got itsyslogo on this blog and i love it . Thanks to itsy for sharing.Work in progress.I had promised myself, before starting anything new, I would finish the border on the mat. But what happened----I went and bought some new wool to crochet Bella in Ballerina Cat Suit. The wool was sat there pestering me to start and i succummed. I spent nearly all day yesterday crocheting and i loved it. Though my fingers are suffering for it today.Must get some housework done today though, my work clothes needs ironing for tomorrow.And Sunday lunch needs cooking, so end of blog, or i might do come back later. I think i am hooked .com

Friday, 13 August 2010

itsy bitsy

trying to obtain the itsy bitsy spider logo for my blog have i succeeded??? Shall we try it? Here goes

Monday, 9 August 2010

hi well done little Miss Lolly.
Iwould also like to share with you my Pink Bambie.
A crochet pattern i bought from a brilliant site and i am really pleased with how she has turned out. If anyone would like to know where i got the pattern from please leave me a comment.
I would like to crotchet toys all the time but i really must finish off the mat i have made out of hexagonals. Its a project i've been doing for a while, so i would like to get it finished.
Also i am still reading The Time Travellers Wife, usually it doesn,t take me this long to read a book but i want it to last for ever.
hi everyone
I would like to introduce you to the next Vanessa Mae.
Making her debut perfomance is Little Miss Lolly. I think she looks very nervous why don't you all give her a round of applause.
Wow what a performance she is giving, bravo,bravo, encore,encore,
Well i think Little Miss Lolly did very well considering it was her first
Here she comes now bowing to all her fans with a bouquet of flowers
a fan has give her. Well done Little Miss Lolly

Friday, 6 August 2010

crochet giveaway

hey everyone i have just rediscovered my docking station for my camera.Now i will be able to take some decent photos. Although i don't think the photos i've dowloaded (from my Phone ) aren't too bad. We'll see if there is an improvement. Just entered a giveaway to win a crocheted monster, link to The Compendium of Cute. I am just finshing a mat , also Lolly the Dolly a pattern i bought off esshaych. Photos to follow soon.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I hope to get the hang of this sometime. As well as crocheting i have also been knitting and hear is picture of my latest creation. A colleague bought the pattern and asked if i could knit it for her, it also has a dressing gown for nighttime. Simples.
Is it reconisable?
Comments welcome please.
Enough blogging for now (i'm still hoping that someone/anyone will read this)


5th blog
we,ve just fetched our caravan back from Scarborough after leaving it there for two weeks. We had two great weekends there and my daughters had a week each. What else are caravans for?
While there i decided to start a book, It's been in the caravan ages (even to France and back) its The Time Travellers Wife and after 1st chapter i was hooked, so much that i don't want to finish it. Have you ever had that with a book? Savouring it for ages untill finally you decide it's time to devour it?
A few photos from Scarborough
this was taken from Oliver's
Mount looking down onto Scarbr a brilliant view
Cuteki kawaii