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created 2014

Saturday, 25 February 2012

world book night

I've been chosen
I've been picked
I've been successfull

I've been chosen to be a giver for World Book Night yeah
And its all thanks to Tracy

I noticed the Logo on Tracy's blog and remembered from last year, when we went to an event at Waterstones for a book signing by  Ian Clayton(see post , dated 6th march ) a lady was giving books away and I thought how lovely to be able to do that.
So when I saw the World Book Logo I had to investigate what it was all about, I filled in the forms , never hoping that I would have a chance. When I saw the 25 books to pick from, I knew straight away which book I wanted as my first choice, and this is what I got.

Its a good feeling , I haven't got any plans yet , as to what I'm going to do with my 25 books, apart from giving them away that is,  but I'm looking forward to it and feel pround that I've been chosen.
I so much love books.
Anyone want a free book ????

hi Ashley
I've got a new follower,thanks to Ashley, that takes me up to a round number of 80
who knows, If I ever get to 100 I might hold a giveaway lol
Follow this link to see loads of crochet goodness

I've won a giveaway  Yeah thanks a lot Jessica.
A beautifull crocheted bookmark from
I think I've fallen in love with blogging again lol

My ripple blanket is coming along nicely, it looks better from afar than close up, and its growing on me.

I've become greatly intrigued with " Biscornu" Mainly from Laura over  here who makes wonderfull ones , so as if I haven't got enough going on in my life
 I bit the bullet and bought a kit from ebay.  I keep picking it up and looking at it, when I will get round to starting it, who knows, a bit like my ripple blanket I suppose.
This is the kit, pretty good, I like poppies and it comes with all instructions,

Maybe, just maybe on my next post will be a photo of my completed biscornu, what do you think  ??

must go my ripple blanket is calling,

Monday, 13 February 2012

centre parks

Hi everyone

Well I had a great time at Center Parks thanks to Catherine and John for inviting us, that's the two grandma's.  Lots of swimming and eating and just chilling out, bliss,  Here's a couple of photos, a truly winter landscape of the frozen lake, very inviting for ice skating but also very dangerous. We actually saw some people stepping onto the ice for a photo, and they had children watching, such a bad example to set. Apart from the cold the weather was dry so we were able to get out and about, just finding your bearings, then its time to go home.
A brilliant time was had by all.

Didn't do much crocheting while I was there, finished off a dolls blanket, just the border to add on ,
I love this variegated yarn ,

This is my Ripple Blanket in process , I've still got a love / hate relationship with it ,  managed to persevere  with it though after pulling over half of it out,  because I wasn't happy with the colour

Its not as wide as I thought it would be, even though its got over 200 chains, I'll carry on with it now and maybe it will grow on me ,  If not I suppose I could always give it away, which I have done with all my past projects, at least its a good stash buster

I started a new book while I was away, just for a change.  Back in 22nd October 2010 I posted about a book I had read and what  pleasure I found in it,
I finally plucked up the courage to read the sequel and how disappointed I am with it.  Usually with a book, I can't put it down and must sit up all night reading but not this one,  I started it last Monday and its not finished yet,  definitely not as riveting as the first book, and to think its been everywhere in the caravan with me waiting for me to start reading,  I will persevere (my second persevere)with it though , I never give up on a book.

My last book was very compelling and highly recommended.  A book I could not put down

Product Details

It was an impulsive buy, from Doncaster Market,  new only £1.00 a bargain,  its now passed on to my Daughter to read.

I know i said I was on a bit of a crochet lull at the moment, I couldn't resist whipping these two up,  Excuse the pyjamas,  totally lazy,, Took the photo while updating this post.
The Cheeky Monkey , faceless at the moment, only took couple of days to make and is from a pattern off Ravelry, I joined Amigurami Of the Month group and this is where I got the pattern from, He just needs a banana and a smiling face.
The tiny turtle I made in a night and again needs finishing

I,m also doing a swap on The Flower Bed Blog,,  Thank goodness its been put back till the end of the month, giving me a bit more time to make some flowers.

I better get on with that now

Thanks again to all comments on my last post, they definitely cheered me up

Friday, 3 February 2012

Hey I've got an award 
Didn't expect it, very surprised to have it , maybe I should keep on with blogging after all.

This was given to me by Kashi, A very delightfull blog , full of crochet goodness, Kashi has been asked to be a moderator on Ravelry for a swap, and what a good job she's making of it.

these are the rules

1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6, Inform each one of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

The hardest thing to do here is list 15 blogs,  there's loads of good blogs that I enjoy reading , better than posting on my own blog.

Anyway I'll start with 7 random things about myself

I want to take my laptop in my coffin, so I can continue reading everybody's blogs
I'm going to Centre Parks next week with my Daughter and Grandson
I'm on a crochet lull at the moment
Wish I didn't have to go to work
Going to France for Three weeks in our caravan in May
I get withdrawal symptons if I don't buy any wool for a while
I could spend all day in my pyjamas, if I could get away with it

Now to list !5 of my favourite blogs
1.  Kashi
2.  Stocki
3.  Pen and Paper
4.  Lucy in the Sky
4.  Yellow, Pink and Sparkly
5.  Cute Crocheted Creations
6.  Urban Tortoise
7.  Grandma Rita's Crochet
8.  Meme Rose
9.  Esshaych
10. Le monde du Sucrette
11. Hippywitch
12. Dawn Raymond
13. Heather
14. Cosy Corner
15. A Time To Create
16. Men Can Knit too

Okay okay I know thats 16 got a bit carried away with myself there.
I apologise If I've missed anyone off this list, I did say this is the hardest part
Also i know I should have provided links to all the above blogs, but that would have took me an age to do, sorry, but I am going to Centre Parks next week,
oh I think I've already told you that.

Now I have to visit all my favourite blogs to let them know I've given them an award, that is going to be hard lol.

See you all when I get back, unless I end up bored and use my phone to update this.

Cuteki kawaii