created 2014

created 2014

Monday, 30 May 2011


Hi all
I don't know whether anyone else has had any problems with blogger
its been very annoying not being able to catch up with everyone hopefully things are back to normal now

My bookcases are up and full I just need to sort all my books out into some kind of order now
hope you like them Petty Writer.

Looking good i think and theres still room left for new books (but don't tell hubby).

Although i have already showed this flower blanket here it is again
with a few more flowers attached.
My plan was to make it large enough to cover a double bed but I think its ok once I've attached the few remaining ones and I'll leave it as it is.
I quite like looking at it on the settee and if it was on the bed i wouldn't get to look at it as often.

I've also got another project on the go
I came across this lovely shawl

and I had to get some yarn and start making it straight away
although the yarn i bought is not as nice as this it is still turning out good.
You will be missing out if you don't visit this blog some great ideas and lovely photos.

Thanks to Jacey for sharing these with us

Now I've had my blogging fix is it the books or the crochet ?
decisions decisions
I'll decide after a cuppa

Sunday, 15 May 2011

my library

As promised, here are photos of my library

Shocking amount of books
I was going to do a "guess how many"
but didn't have the inclination to count them all.
Its frightening to I think of how much money has been spent on these.
If I say approx £3 each and maybe 300 books
that comes to a small fortune.

Some are going to charity but I can't bear to be parted from all of them
so a trip to Ikea was called for.

Look at what I spotted and hasn't it come in handy

Don't they look cute makes a change from them cluttering the fireplace up
All they need now is a nice comfy cushion to sit on.

They will live in my study once the bookcases are up.

So here is Hep Cat
all finished apart from his tail

I think he looks French with his beret on
Any suggestions for a name ?
I think he's had a few glasses of wine, he needed my help in sitting up.

And here is Benny
Nearly finished
I love the pastel shades that P chose

I think he looks a bit like Robin (out of batman and robin)
With a mask for his eyes poor thing and no mouth.

What is it about finishing faces?

He will be finished by the end of this week I promise
a bit like my bookcases lol

This is our next project

This is my first bambi which I gave away
As I do with most of my projects

So now bambi no2  is on my to do list.

Off now to do the ironing
 I did think about a posting a picture of my ironing pile but who would find that interesting?
If i could just show a picture and then miraculously the ironing would be done hurrah

Thanks once more for all comments

Monday, 9 May 2011

crochet companion

Apologies for not posting sooner, I've been too involved with my crochet,
and thanks to you who have left me a comment i do appreciate your time reading my simple blog.

What do you think of my crochet companion

Introducing my almost 3 year old grandson.
He picked this book up and became so interested in it comparing my Strawbeary and Punk Bunny with the photos in the book

He wanted to help make the Monkey and picked the colours we are to use
I had no choice but to start making
Monkey straight away

He is such a cutie

This is my Hep Cat I really should have finished him first but hey ho.

Here are some pot holders I've made. I couldn't believe how easy these were to make up and so effective.
I tried selling them at a car boot but nobody were interested and even then they would have only wanted to pay 10p for them, but they will make great gifts
Perhaps a car boot was the wrong place to show them off.

I was going to post some photos of my ' libray '
but maybe next time.

I am itching to get back to my crochet again
another short post

All for now I'll try not to leave it so long next time

Cuteki kawaii