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created 2014

Saturday, 23 June 2012

at last

Fabulous three weeks holiday in France

I've been building up to this post, reading everyones lovely blogs, with loads of colourfull pictures, and I doubt that I can't even come close to a post as good as what I've been looking at. So, thats why i,ve been putting this off, but needs must, its gone on for too long now
its time for me to make a start
here goes with some holiday photos

 A visit to Bayeaux to see the War Graves and the Bayeaux Tapestry see more
The War Graves are very humbling to see , how clean and tidy and well looked after.

The pictures won't behave, I've given up on putting them in order,

 Look at the beautifull wisteria , would we see anything like that in our graveyards ?
It contains the graves of 4144 Commenwealth soldiers who died during World War ll , 338 are unidentified.

Next stop was Omaha beach , and another moving tribute to all who lost their lives , hard to imagine the devastation what happened all those years ago

 A must see visit , was to Ste Mare Eglise and the Airbourne Museum, featuring a life-sized scene depicting American Paratroopers,
As it was coming up to 6th june, (D Day Landings) the small town was being made ready for the celebrations, A small shame that we timed our visit a week early, at least we could get parked up and have a cafe au lait.
read more about this town here and the Church with a Parachuter stuck on the steeple.
A most enjoyable visit.

I managed to get loads of crochet work done, including this Kindle cover for Tania as a thankyou for goldfish sitting
Mostly I worked on my ripple blanket as its nice and easy to do

Well, thats it for now, more photos to follow, hopefully not too long,
I would much rather read other peoples blogs than post my own at the moment, but I guess we all feel like that at one time or another.
Cuteki kawaii