created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wet felting

Today I have spent a pleasant 4 hours attending a wet felting workshop,

A nice start to Febuary.

Having dabbled in needle felting , not very successfully , i tried wet felting,

Bought a kit for felted balls from Yarndale , loads of fun , but I wanted to attempt something more 3 dimensional.

When this workshop was announced I was keen to go , the cost of £27 , slightly put me off , but why not spoil youself.

I took the last place on the course and thoroughly enjoyed it,

It was held at Knit and Stich in Doncaster, all materials and refreshments supplied

Preparation is important before introducing soap and water

I was surprised at how much merino tops you actually use ,

Quite a lot of hard work goes into the rolling process to create the felting


And eventually ,this is what you end up with

It was amazing how everyone's bowl were so different , we each had our own design and colour , they are unique

I'd highly recommend these workshops , it good to get a hands on experience with other like minded people , now a visit to Wentworth garden centre is a must to buy extra supplies

What else have been upto in January? Not a lot , only another crocheted baby blanket , they are very addictive. Found out it is going to be a boy , hence the blue border , I imagine it would have looked so different with a pink border.


Oh and doing a Harry Potter readathon with others


Cuteki kawaii