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created 2014

Saturday, 18 June 2011

30 days of crochet

Sorry i should have posted this at the beginning of June here we are now halfway through the month.

I've been following 30 days of crochet  on esshaych' blog (pop over now and have a look) The questions, all crochet related of course, are very interesting as they make you think about your crochet projects. Some I have had an answer for straight away and others I've had to think about and go back to later on.

if you haven't visited Sarah's blog I suggest you put it on your favourites list
Its all due to Sarah that I started my blog and of course my love for crochet.

I'm long overdue for showing you some of my projects so here goes

 This is one of my stash baskets and I loved it so much i gave it to my youngest Daughter for her birthday. Don't worry Eldest Daughter I will start one for you in time for your birthday. lol.

I love the texture that this stitch gives so simple to do but so effective
and using more variegated cotton yarn I have see similar baskets in Ikea but they didn't have a flower on them (shame)

This is a scarf/shawl and I got the idea from here
The pattern took a bit of getting used to, couldn't get it into my head straight away, i had to frog it a few times before i was satisfied. The wool I used was a sock 4ply and i love the variegated colours. I don't know If I'll ever wear it But it was fun to do
Sorry the above picture is upside down just stand on your head if you want to view it better

Going back to 30 days of crocheting on of the questions was Where do you store your stash
My answer was here

and i really should get it more organized into colours, types etc instead of just filling any available spaces, and maybe not to buy any more yarn for at least a week.

Ok -y- dokey a quick blog for now be back soon



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