created 2014

created 2014

Friday, 4 July 2014

Bicycles and tee shirts

I prepared this post last month and did not get round to finishing it off , so it seems appropriate to post it now , we had a few days in York followed by a visit to Knaresborough. Don't you just love Knaresborough , I know I do . The weather wasn't brilliant but you can't have everything.


It was lovely to see all the preparation for the tour d'france, I loved the brightly coloured t shirts , they were still putting them up , so it will look glorious when the time comes , I hope they have lots of coverage on TV.

This wool covered bike is brilliant , in a wool shop , I asked permission to take a photo and they were holding a knit and knatter, how I wished I could have joined in.

My favourite all time view of Knaresborough.


I came home from a hot day at work on Thursday and a surprise was waiting for me

It's from steph at show and tell , we have been doing a 50 book read challenge and although Laura is probably on her 150th book by now ( only joking laura) steph , would started the group got to the 50 mark and as a celebration she sent me this

Isn't it cute, it will definitely come in handy ,

News from the travelling craft box , it's my turn next , yeah , so that will be my next post.

Although blogging, fb, reading , even crocheting , is taking a back seat at the moment because of this 9 week old , little bundle of fluff ,more to follow




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    1. It's just aswell he is cute , he's tested my patience tonite , ta jo


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