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created 2014

Sunday, 25 July 2010

4th blog

hi again Just realised i can't count I've got two blogs both numbered two . Is there any hope for me answers by email please (or on a postcard) How does one know if anyone has read my blog? Is there a counter you can add for visitors? I am going back to blog number one when i went on holiday to France for two weeks. Did anyone guess where it was ? We had a wonderfull two weeks courtesy of Merlin L'enchanteau Camelot Park, did i tell you it was free? The first week we just chilled out then we went to a few great places. The photos are of Le Mont St Michel , a truly magnificent place as those of you who have been will agree. Unfortunately we did'nt get to the top, saving that for next time. I love reading, so while on holiday i read (back to back) the Twilight series. My daughter has been to see the latest film 3 times . The books were brilliant but only to read them once or am i mistaken?
Also while on holiday we went to the Opera, couldn't understand a word what was being said, but it was an enjoyable night. Should have taken a bottle of wine and that would have made it more enjoyable.
We had the good fortune to be invited to a lovely couple's house. They moved over to france three years ago and hope to keep in touch with them.
Well enough blogging for now, enjoy more photosfrom france

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