created 2014

created 2014

Sunday, 15 August 2010

i,ve done it

Well well if at first you don'tsucceed try and try and try again.I received a lovely message about the problem of putting itsys logo on my blog , thank you so i thought I'd give it another go an lo and behold it worked. So now I've got itsyslogo on this blog and i love it . Thanks to itsy for sharing.Work in progress.I had promised myself, before starting anything new, I would finish the border on the mat. But what happened----I went and bought some new wool to crochet Bella in Ballerina Cat Suit. The wool was sat there pestering me to start and i succummed. I spent nearly all day yesterday crocheting and i loved it. Though my fingers are suffering for it today.Must get some housework done today though, my work clothes needs ironing for tomorrow.And Sunday lunch needs cooking, so end of blog, or i might do come back later. I think i am hooked .com

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