created 2014

created 2014

Monday, 30 May 2011


Hi all
I don't know whether anyone else has had any problems with blogger
its been very annoying not being able to catch up with everyone hopefully things are back to normal now

My bookcases are up and full I just need to sort all my books out into some kind of order now
hope you like them Petty Writer.

Looking good i think and theres still room left for new books (but don't tell hubby).

Although i have already showed this flower blanket here it is again
with a few more flowers attached.
My plan was to make it large enough to cover a double bed but I think its ok once I've attached the few remaining ones and I'll leave it as it is.
I quite like looking at it on the settee and if it was on the bed i wouldn't get to look at it as often.

I've also got another project on the go
I came across this lovely shawl

and I had to get some yarn and start making it straight away
although the yarn i bought is not as nice as this it is still turning out good.
You will be missing out if you don't visit this blog some great ideas and lovely photos.

Thanks to Jacey for sharing these with us

Now I've had my blogging fix is it the books or the crochet ?
decisions decisions
I'll decide after a cuppa


  1. I have been having problems with blogger too, struggling to leave comments, but think I might have cracked it. Thank you for the mention on your blog, looking forward to seeing your scarf, I have begun another one as a gift. xx

  2. Hi, I have just noticed you are a follower of my blog, so thought i would pop by to say hi and thanks for following! Your blog is lovely, everything is so colourful that you do. Very inspiring! I especially like this flowery blanket/shawl idea. I hope you don't mind if i have a go!!


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