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created 2014

Friday, 26 August 2011

winner again

Just a short post before we head off to Scarborough for a week in our caravan, how am i going to cope with no blogging sob sob

I think i've mentioned before that I'm a fan of Lets Get Crafting mag, as soon as its due out i rush to the shops to buy one and


there on the letter page was my letter !!!!!

not any old letter but the STAR one that means i have won £ 50 gift voucher from Hobbycraft


so all of you who buy Lets Get Crafting that's my letter,

my second win this week hoping i can make it a third with the lottery and guess what?

I've got two numbers that means a win of

ta ta

£ 2.50

What will I buy from Hobbycraft ?

A book or two I think as my wool stash is overflowing , but there again will I be able to resist. I haven't been to Hobbycraft for years I'm sure it will be hard trying to spend the voucher.

Thanks again to Laura for her super giveaway and I  haven't forgotten to post pictures of the goodies, I'll get straight onto that on our return .

Buy for now


  1. Well done on your wins. Enjoy your trip to Scarborough. I have such fond memories as I spent many a childhood holiday there on the Blue Dolphin site.

  2. Oh now I see how you won the voucher!!!!!!


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