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created 2014

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

long time no blog

Well ,   I have finally got round to updating my blog,,  shame on me.
I've been thinking of letting this blog go,  lost a bit of interest in it,  I'd rather spend time crocheting than blogging, and reading other , more interesting blogs,  hey ho

Just to show you what I've been upto,  doing a few crochet swaps on Ravelry has kept me busy,  also a friend held a fund raising for a school, so I helped her out ,  thats my excuse anyway.

A whole month, plus,  has gone by since my last post.

The two swaps I've just done on Ravelry, ormament swaps were great fun, putting together a package for like minded crafters.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before sending them off,
Apart from this one

I love this crocheted monkey

This is what I've received from Leah, all the way from Australia, on  Ravelry's ornament swap

I love the Candy Cane each in their own cozy, they are going on the Christmas tree. Also a Teeny lovebug,  with a tag attached,  to make my day a little bit brighter,  and it certainly did that. Thanks Leah. Leah also thoughfully sent me the pattern for the Candy Cane Cozies , so I can make my own.

This is what I sent to  Dylan in New York,    and for a short while I thought it had gone missing, it took that long to arrive.

my parcel from Dylan can be seen in a previous blog

These are the tigers I donated to Sophie for her fund raising,  I loved making these, very simple and quick to make up

Against my better judgement, I got involved in Sock Monkeys, again for Sophie's fund raising ,  so as well as my yarn stash I've also got a sock stash.
I was surprised how quick these are to make and so effective,  just from a pair of socks,

Just a few photos and words to show I'm still in the blogging world,,

I've signed up to be a giver for next years World Book Day , here's hoping that I will get accepted

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all who reads this


  1. Oh please don't give up blogging. Not a crafty type myself, I never the less love visiting your site to see what wonderful creations you have been working on, all the while thinking if only I'd taken an interest in my mam's knitting/my nana's crocheting. Talking of which I love those sock monkeys, so adorable.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a great Christmas.

  2. I like your blog too mum - keep it up!!!!

  3. Hi Joan, Thanks for dropping by and entering my doughnut contest. I love your little tigers. Very cute.


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