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created 2014

Sunday, 22 January 2012

swap parcel

Just had to share these photos of my latest swap parcel I've just received from Laura at Cute Crocheted Creations, you can find her blog  here

So cute,, little puppy and turtle
And loads and loads of other crafting goodies,
As well as crochet Laura does lots of other crafts ,  including beautiful cross stitch,  I wonder how she finds the time to do it all. visit Laura's blog if you haven't already done so , you will be amazed.

These are what I made for Laura

I've been wanting to make the armadillo for ages, so this swap gave me a good excuse. I'm pleased with how he turned out and you can roll him up into his shell, quick and easy to do , I might make more
Love the little dog, again pleased at how cute he has turned out, gave him a collar and lead so he's ready to go walkies.

I called this my Alien Rock Chick, I had loads of fun making her and adorning her with lots  of bling , hope Laura loves her , she has posted all these pictures on her blog , so if you want to see more of what I sent hop over there .

These are what I received in the Christmas ornament swap

A cute little snowman who looked so at home on the Christmas tree, along with other goodies

I've loved doing these swaps , they are fun, but I'm giving them a rest for the time being, going to be selfish, and build up my Ami's again, what with giving them away my collection is slightly depleted.

I made these for a Christmas present for a friend's little girls,  meant to take better pictures but forgot

 took the pictures at night that's why they are so dark

Finally, finally started my ripple blanket,  I've had the wool bought and sorted for ages , but the thought of doing such a long chain,  kept putting me off and then , all of a sudden I got an overwhelming urge to begin, and so the ripple blanket has been born, am I happy with it ?  now that's a different story/ post.

I've won another free book, yeah,, wish my luck would pass over to the lottery lol.  I had entered a few free draws from the mag Lets Get Crafting and to my joy a book arrived in the post. Just shows that its worth entering these, you never know your luck. 
This is the book I got.

Its a book i wouldn't have bought, but its nice to win something,

I've started this post couple of weeks ago and just been adding to it as i go along, which is what I will do in future .
Speak to you all soon


  1. Loving this post, full of interesting things, I think you are so wonderfully talented.

  2. Love the alien and armadillo :-) Laura's turtle and puppy are really sweet too, great swap goodies!
    Lori x

  3. I am having trouble leaving a comment. I love your armadillo that you made, so adorable I saw it on 'Cute Crochet Creations' a couple of days ago. I pinned him on Pinterest. Cutest little critter I have seen in a while :) Keep rippling Joan!

  4. wow three comments and so long since i last posted. Thanks everybody I'm so gratefull, I wouldn't call myself talented but thanks anyway Tracy and to have armadillo on Pinterest well what can I say,, I'll just have to make some more, and yes i will keep on rippling

  5. A while ago you said you didn't know if you should keep blogging. Of course you should. I gave you an award.

  6. Oh wow great book, lucky you! And more importantly, lucky me!! I absolutely love the ami's you made for me (so sorry I didn't comment on this post earlier, I just saw it now!). The rock chick is fab, she's sat with the monster that Lori (Hippywitch) made for me and they are great friends. The armadillo is brilliant, so cute, and I love the little dog too, he's on the windowsill in the lounge at the mo. So glad you liked everything I sent you too. Fab swop! Laura x


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