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Saturday, 25 February 2012

world book night

I've been chosen
I've been picked
I've been successfull

I've been chosen to be a giver for World Book Night yeah
And its all thanks to Tracy

I noticed the Logo on Tracy's blog and remembered from last year, when we went to an event at Waterstones for a book signing by  Ian Clayton(see post , dated 6th march ) a lady was giving books away and I thought how lovely to be able to do that.
So when I saw the World Book Logo I had to investigate what it was all about, I filled in the forms , never hoping that I would have a chance. When I saw the 25 books to pick from, I knew straight away which book I wanted as my first choice, and this is what I got.

Its a good feeling , I haven't got any plans yet , as to what I'm going to do with my 25 books, apart from giving them away that is,  but I'm looking forward to it and feel pround that I've been chosen.
I so much love books.
Anyone want a free book ????

hi Ashley
I've got a new follower,thanks to Ashley, that takes me up to a round number of 80
who knows, If I ever get to 100 I might hold a giveaway lol
Follow this link to see loads of crochet goodness

I've won a giveaway  Yeah thanks a lot Jessica.
A beautifull crocheted bookmark from
I think I've fallen in love with blogging again lol

My ripple blanket is coming along nicely, it looks better from afar than close up, and its growing on me.

I've become greatly intrigued with " Biscornu" Mainly from Laura over  here who makes wonderfull ones , so as if I haven't got enough going on in my life
 I bit the bullet and bought a kit from ebay.  I keep picking it up and looking at it, when I will get round to starting it, who knows, a bit like my ripple blanket I suppose.
This is the kit, pretty good, I like poppies and it comes with all instructions,

Maybe, just maybe on my next post will be a photo of my completed biscornu, what do you think  ??

must go my ripple blanket is calling,


  1. A book giver sounds cool. Perfect for a celebratory Blog Give Away. A 'read a long' would also be interesting and fun...I am glad you are back in love with blogging and that you can admire your ripple albeit from afar. How perfectly bookish of you to win a bookmark :)

  2. That is a great book! Fab choice. I've got a copy already otherwise I would definitely put my hand up for one! Congrats on winning the giveaway, and yay for the biscornu kit! Spreading the biscornu joy ;-) You'll be hooked in no time! I look forward to seeing more of your ripple blanket, I'm tempted to start one myself actually! Have a great weekend, Laura xxx

  3. Wow you are fortunate to be a book giver and it's the first time I've heard of or seen a biscornu, thanks for showing me one, they are beautiful little jewels.
    If you love books you should listen to the radio show on Sunday's called 'The book report' by Elaine Charles, where she interviews popular authors and she reviews some of the latest books. You can get the times and radio stations on her website: I find it is interesting to know more about the authors personally and how they got the info to write their book, which is always the case on Elaine's show.

  4. I absolutely love the background walls and style of this room behind your writing, it is exquisite I would love this technique done in my lounge, do you have any info on this by any chance?
    I was actually looking for a pattern for a cell phone cover for my mom's Tracfone LG800G prepaid smart phone which has a touch screen, I need to protect from scratching and cracking as it costs $49.99. The phone is cheap but it was a gift.
    You're so lucky to get so many books to give away, I hope you'll give the books away with a love note in them and your name.

  5. thanks a million for these comments you don't know how much they mean to me, i have tried replying personally to Adelle and Lynette but can't seem to access your blogs, sorry, thanks again

  6. Many thanks for the mention and well done on being picked as a giver - I didn't even get this far as the site was always too busy whenever I tried and I kept getting a message saying my session had run out - perhaps next year I'll try in the wee small hours when it may be less busy.

    BTW , The Book Thief is one of my favourite reads.

  7. How lovely to get chosen as a book giver, I have so many books waiting to read that it's scary! I can't resist picking up books in charity shops and get carried away, lol!
    Love the biscornu design, they are fabulous fun to make :-)
    Lori xx


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