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created 2014

Monday, 7 May 2012

may is here

 Hello everyone and how are you
May is here, the sun is shining, and its quite warm outside, roll on summer,

I'm very pleased with this plant, what is it called ?? answers on a postcard please (or a comment will do ). It's been in the garden for a while now (years) I can't remember seeing all these flowers on it before, maybe now its matured, if thats what plants do !!!

Not much to show on the crocheting front, I made another Bride and Groom ,this time with pink rabbits instead of gray, for my Grandsons Teacher , I'd like to see his face when he presents it , I just know he will be so proud.

These are the original ones which I made for a friends wedding, and the newest, pink rabbits, I wanted to show them side by side to see which I prefered

I think I prefer the original, gray ones, after all its not very often you see a pink rabbit.

I made this coloufull bunting with the latest issue of Lets Get Crafting Mag,  I'm going to send a picture in, and who knows If i'll be lucky enough to get it shown.

I've also been messing about making a few crocheted bags, very easy and satisfying to make, as quick as I can make them I give them away.

Quite like the shape of this one.
This is the original pattern  Jewel Box Drawstring Bag(sorry I couldn't get the link up) and I made a few adaptions.

Here is Moe again, keeping guard on my bags,

It all started with  these   Jolly Little Goody Bags   which I made for friends for Christmas. If you do happen to visit Janet over at Yellow Pink and Sparkly, have a look at the free pattern for Paddington Bear, that is a project I'm taking to France with me.

Then  Laura  at Cute Crocheted Creations  sent me one in a swap, and I love it, but I've never been able to make one as nice, so Laura, if you read this , have you got a pattern or did you just make it up as you go along (I'm not very good at doing things like that ) I have to start with a pattern as a guide and take it from there.

I'm also finishing off  this   Super Self-pouching String Shopping Bag            which I must have started last year, I thought it would come in handy in France when I walk to the Boulangerie for our morning croissants and petite pains.

Just finshed reading The Book Thief for the second time, loved it again, I will probably read it another time, I think with a book like this , you miss quite a lot the first time around ,
or I'm usually in too much of a hurry to take it slowly.

Not much progress on my Ripple Blanket,  in fact its all packed up in the caravan, I've had to sneak it in without hubby knowing,(although he now tells me he saw me doing it oops) I hope to work on it whilst in France.

Did you know we are going in two weeks times for three whole weeks ?  Never been away for three weeks before,,  wow,  I'm hoping to take my laptop with me, plenty of places with wifi,  who knows I might even get a post in, while over there.

I might even have a new profile picture, my current one is when we were in France last time.
That is if we come back, we keep joking that we are staying over there , only wish we could do it, that reminds me to put some Lottery tickets on.

And of course plenty,plenty crocheting.

Take care everyone, And I'll speak to you all from France, If I can, or in about six weeks time, which is more or less normal for my posts lol


  1. Could those flowers be Hellebores? They are pretty anyway. Bon Voyage! Ally Swacky Mally Ponce Mrs Joan! (Sorry I failed French in school, My teacher wrote "E 6 - Lucy Makes little effort with work she obviously finds bewildering." Who Moi?

  2. Hi Joan, Love your name jumping and turning on your heading too I love pink so even though the bunny's aren't pink I would have to go with the pink....the bags are cute I love drawstring bags....did you see the one of the Opossum I am making for a gal? It's a draw string bag too...the ripple is beautiful can't wait to see it when its done. Really cute banner, and as for the flowers, they look a bit like Impatients??? Just a guess....Thanks for stopping in on my blog. :) ~~Debb


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