created 2014

created 2014

Thursday, 11 October 2012

done it

At last, after much hair pulling and grimaces, I have finally managed to upload more photos from September , 11 days late


two of my current w.i.p.

roll up and go crochet case started a year ago


Ted the second, gone to a very worthy cause

Mr Moos Ice Cream Parlour, Skipsea,

Sunset and a Knickerbocker Glory, yum yum

Sutton Park House and gardens , another sunset



My last photos of September 2012, taken on the last day of the month

from our back garden.



  1. They were very worth the wait! I love them. The crochet and the Knickerbocker Glory in particular! xxx

  2. Beautiful!The sunset especially.Ted is very sweet and your W.I.Ps look lovely too. Is that a Dawn Toussaint creation I can see?

    1. thanks, yes it is by Dawn Toussaint, the second one I've made

  3. Lovely photos Joan! Ted is very cute, look forward to seeing your WIPs finished :-) Laura x


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