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created 2014

Thursday, 24 January 2013

january snow

My January collage
Wow, Strictly speaking when making a collage up, I thought I would just go with it and this is what I got, I know some aren't just from January but I thought hmmm that looks good enough to publish

Well we are back to normal now (as near to normal as we can be) after all the Christmas and New Year celebrations
Did you notice I cheated with the photos in my December post ??
Messing around with my new toy again, couldn't resist taking photos of the fireworks off the TV at midnight on New Years Day , they were brilliant. I particularly liked the ones with Big Ben in the foreground , no mistaking of where they were taken. Hope I don't get into trouble with copyright

I was going to take loads of winter pictures with the snow, but that has already been done and my photos wouldn.t be as good as others, i've enjoyed looking at everyones snowy photos, thanks for sharing

Moving on

I sent my first parcel off as part of Lucy's big tea swap, what a brilliant idea Lucy had , sending out cups of tea to blogging friends, who doesn,t love a cup of tea,
I was in too much of a hurry to take any photos, it went to Lucy of course , please pop over    here     if you haven't already,, Lucy's not having a good time at the moment so she needs all the love we can send her. 
Wondrous things , I,ve just hopped over to Lucy to link her blog to this post and there is a picture of my tea swap parcel, thanks Lucy I almost didn.t recognise it,   so if you want to see what I sent you will have to visit Lucy and leave her a message of support,

on the crochet front , I have been making hearts for , of course, valentines weekend in February so of course these will be in my February post , unless I make time to post them earlier ( very much doubt it)
My granddaughter had an Ipad bought for Christmas, so I made her a crocheted sleeping bag for it

I loved making it for her so much I had to have one of my own, but instead of my name I choose to have a flower


 look at this sweet photo,from my favourite crochet site, isn't she just gorgeous, i would love to make one if I had the pattern that is
 and another
and another
not forgetting my favourite mag which landed on the doormat a week earlier than in the shops
Yarndale is coming
Still on the crochet front , if you are a fan of Attic 24, you will have read about the Yarndale event    that will be held in Skipton in September, over two days ,I've already made a note of the days in my diary and informed hubby that we will be going, Its a brilliant chance to meet Lucy from Attic 24 and hopefully there might be other crafty bloggers there, wouldn,t it be great if we could all meet up and have a knit and natter, the above photo is from the Facebook page and within days of publishing they had a 1000 likes
If I start saving now, I'll have lots to spend, no doubt there will be loads of goodies on offer, should be fantastic.

I love a freebie ( don't we all) and if you go over

here   there are no less than 17 patterns for colourful afghans/blankets , they are available as a free ebook to download  not to be missed
oops just tried to post a photo here but its covered by copyright, hence the boxes which I can't remove also updated the 50 books to read challenge which you can find  here  The Birmingham Rose is a great read, thanks to Lucy for sending me the book , I'm forwarding it on to a fellow blogger as part of The Grand Tea Swap, hope you enjoy it as much as i did,
I,m reading Wolf Hall By Hilary Mantel, which I had  given in exchange for The Book Thief for  last years World Book Day, I'm finding this hard going considering it won the 2009 Man Booker Prize, different to any I have read , But like most I will persevere with it.

I had a bit of Christmas Money left to spend and as you know It was burning a hole in my purse, so what did I go and buy

10 balls of lovely colours , I'm going to make a blanket, even though my ripple blanket is unfinished,
and a pair of Leather Gloves such extravagance

Although I said I didn't take any snowy pictures I have to show this one , not the last day in January as it hasn't arrived yet , duh,  but it came again on friday nighr (the snow I mean) and this is what it was like the next morning , but by evening it was slowly melting and the next day all gone

By the way , I do like the font but does it make it harder to read ???
please let me know and I'll change it (if I can )
January post, posted 3 day early





  1. Hi mum enjoyed your latest blog, your iPad bag looks fab, think Cath will be after one next!x

    1. Thanks Jo , its on its way,only I keep getting interupted by work

  2. What a great idea, I love your collage and would like to thank you for choosing something other than the snow - thankfully all gone here, I really didn't want reminding (she says laughing).

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