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created 2014

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Early may post

I may not get a chance to do another post for end of may, did I tell you we are off to France on Thursday for two weeks , who knows how the wifi will be there or will I be too busy drinking wine ? 

I did a craft fair on Saturday , a first for me , so all my time the last three weeks or so, has been taken up with crochet, apologies for not commenting on posts or not being available on FB , thanks to everyone for their good luck wishes , I really appreciated everyone's encouragement,

There were about 15 tables all with various crafts on display , fortunately no other crochet, plenty of knitting though and a new craft  I took an interest in , needle felting , anyone does this ?

Not much footfall ,but as it was the first maybe not many people knew about it, thanks to family and friends I did take a bit of money , so it wasn't,t a total failure, I didn't.t sell any charms or flower brooches or even flower hair bobbles so that was a bit disappointing , 
I am glad it's over with now and I can get back into the land of the living , they are hoping to do another one in October and I,ll be more prepared this time , 
Apologies for the display photos , looking at them , I know I could have displayed them better

I,ve also taken some photos or our ( untidy ) garden , I just know when we get home from France all the flowers will have been out and might even have faded , so I,ll do an after photo and show what difference nearly three weeks make 

With any luck I,ll be able to do a post from France so see you from across the pond , or see you in three weeks time

Oops I see I,ve put the same photo in twice , and don,t know how to delete it ,sorry
At least I,ve post to the right blog this time fingers crossed 


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  3. Oh my goodness, your table looks great, so professional, I love those charms and those flower brooches are so sweet - do you make them yourself?

    Hoping you have a great time in France, I look forward to further reports when you can.

  4. Amazing Joan! Still imagining you crocheting day and night to get all of those gorgeous makes done! ^_^ Glad it was a good day. Oh yes! Needle felting is fabulously will stab yourself a few times while doing it so be warned! ^_^ It is really fun though and you can make some very nice little critters with it..go for it! ^_^ Very nice photos. Is that a crocheted covered book I can see? Oh! Must stop looking! I am wanting to buy!! ^_^
    Have a beautiful and marvellous time in France.

  5. Hi Joan, I have found you through the May Made it challenge. What a busy bee you are! I'm off to my first craft fair this weekend too so I am hoping for some sales. Your work is so full of life and full of fun.I really like the photomontage at the top of your blog. I have a blog over on Wordpress, pop over and say hello! Happy crafting! :-)

  6. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't sell any of your beautiful crochet at the fair, those little teddies are so sweet I hope that next time you sell heaps. Have a wonderful time away in France Joan.:)


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