created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring into March

Well March had finally arrived , thank goodness , a couple of reasons to celebrate March, one I,m keeping quiet about , two, I have a week off work and we are going away in our caravan ,yippee

Do you like the daffodils , my mum bought me them ,

We should have gone for a long valentines weekend but due to the rain we had to cancel as the field was waterlogged , this time we are definately going not even snow will stop us.

I,ve been doing a few bits of crochet , but can't show the photos yet, I,ve started another baby blanket , the parents who had the last one wanted one all blue , and you can't do a granny blanket in one colour ( or can you) so I choose to use a bobble stitch and although I like the look of it , it's hard going

I,ve also dabbled with some more wet felting , I think I'm finally getting the hang of it , the ideas are limitless , once you've got the basic idea and it's very addictive , wet felted bowls anyone ?

I started another one yesterday , and wanted to make this one bigger
Here is the finished product , drying out


I,m on the final book of the Harry potter readathon , and it will be a great wrench to finish them , although you want to finish reading them you want to take your time also, does that make sense ?

I had to share this photo of my grandson meeting Hagrid and Harry Potter, wish I could have been there. He might look a bit old to have a teddy bear but it was his turn to have the school mascot, called Patrick and this photo will be going in Patricks diary.

I treated myself to two new crochet hooks , aren't they great , they are made by little boo yarns and sold by sconch textiles

I had a dabble with some fimo and made one of my own , but plenty of practice needed here , I'm afraid , it was fun though

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  1. Hi Joan,
    The felting is so good. I was amazed how much roving it uses when I tried it. The bobble blanket is coming on well too.

  2. Yeah! Thankfully Spring seems to have sprung here as well. Loving your daffodils, they are so cheerful and along with snowdrops, really are a sign that warmer weather is on the way. That said, it will probably snow tomorrow now.

  3. What was I saying about Spring? Today we have had snow mixed with thunder and lightning.

  4. Very beautiful Daffs Joan. Oh! but the bobble blanket is gorgeous! I do love your felting! it is quite stunningly beautiful. Very sweet pic of your grandson meeting Hagrid and Harry. Lovely new hooks for you to create more beautiful things. XOX


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