created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A blogging milestone

I,ve a blogging milestone coming up soon and feel I should celebrate it by having a giveaway , what do you think ??

My milestone is not 200 posts , a long way to go yet , as I'm only doing one post a month , but that I am about to reach 20,000 page views , which considering my (sometimes neglected ) blog , I think is a big achievement .

I know this amount will appear small compared to loads of lovely and very popular blogs I read , but I find it astounding that my blog has been viewed 20,000 times.

So, how shall I celebrate , answers gratefully received .

On another celebratory note, I collected my books for giving away on World Book Night , and here they all are , signed and ready to be given.





  1. I think you should offer something you have created as that would be such an individual and very personal way of celebrating.

  2. It is a HUGE thing to celebrate ^_^ mmmm....well, there's the giveaway option which is always nice...or you could just make yourself a cake and dance around singing WOOHOO! ^_^ Or just sit and feel all lovely and chuffed to chuckles....ok! I admit! I am a bit rubbish at this! You could maybe make celebratory stuff like bunting, garlands etc as a giveaway thank you prize.
    Anyhoo! Loads of happy hugs from me, I for one love stopping by and seeing what you have been up too. I think my faves....your makes of course! and your caravan ^_^

  3. Unfortunately poorly I wasn't able to attend the event I had planned but I'm told it went well with over lots of students going home a book richer.

    As you know I was a giver of The Boy In The Topknot. Not a book as it turns out that I actually enjoyed. In future I think I may stick with books I've actually read and enjoyed.


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