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created 2014

Friday, 3 December 2010

Hi all sorry for not blogging for a while . As you see from the photos I have been busy with my camera

Really i have been indulging in my favourite pastime (apart from crochet)
cutting and paste-ing. (hope these aren't copywrite)

We have had brilliant weather as you can see from the photos , not had snow like this for years.

Like it or hate it ????
The photos are great, wish i had taken them, but not that talented.

Been busy crocheting , photos to follow soon.


  1. Beautiful photos! I LOVE snow. We get tons of it every year because I live in a city notorious for all our snowfall :) We just had a huge snowstorm.

    There's just something so gorgeous and peaceful about seeing snow covering trees and bushes and nature in general :)

  2. thanks for these comments great to know i have someone reading my blog

  3. Hi Joan,
    Thanks for calling by my site. It's always good to hear from new friends. I love your photography. I used to do quite a bit myself. But when my SLR broke we weren't in a position to replace it. This summer however my husband and daughters put together and bought me a pentax digital so I'm up and running again. Keep in touch
    Jayne x

  4. Beautiful pics Joan! Thank you for following me! I thought I would visit you for a while. :o)

  5. I wonder if the horsey has cold legs? horsey ugg boots needed, stat!


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