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created 2014

Sunday, 6 March 2011

book signing

To celebrate World Book week I dragged my hubby to a book signing and talk at Waterstones Doncaster.
Never having been to any of these before we arrived quite early expecting a queue, we were the first there.
We were given a free book Beloved by Vintage Morrison (all free books gratefully received)
Four authors attended, among them Ian Clayton who's book Our Billie has been on my wish list ever since it was published.
He gave a short talk on his other re published book Bringing It All Back Home
( the perfect book for anybody who defined their life through music and the memories of their youth) Joanne Harris
I bought two Billie Books one for myself and the other for my sister-in -law and Ian kindly signed them both.

One of the other authors was Stephen Wade who talked about his experiences.

I bought Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in and around Doncaster for my hubby to read next week while we are away in our caravan.

A very enjoyable night out getting to meet Ian Clayton, buying new (signed) books and also my hubby buying me a new crochet book.

Product DetailsProduct Details    Ian Clayton   Our Billie And bringing it all
                                                                                  back home
Product Details       Stephen Wade

Product DetailsMy free book   Beloved by Vintage Morrison
Product Detailsthe encyclopedia of CROCHET techniques
Thanks hubby

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  1. Good to know there was something happening in Doncaster on World Book Night - I was heartily disappointed at how little there was here in Newcastle. Enjoy your book.

    PS Have you heard about the patterns for knitting the royal wedding? If not you might be interested in this post on my blog


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