created 2014

created 2014

Thursday, 17 March 2011

york and appy feet

fish spa

hi all
just come back from a few days away in York in our caravan of course.
Treated my hubby to a session at Appy Feet . For those of you who don't know this is where you sit with your feet in a fish tank and all the fish nibbles at the hard skin on your feet hence the photo of the fish.

It is a strange feeling, first instinct is to lift your feet up for the tickling to stop.
The results are very good highly recommended.

Didn't do much crocheting, lots of reading. but i did get to make this fringe, from a pattern in my new crochet book, so simple but so effective.

Now the question is what can I use it for ?
I could use it as a border for my Flower bed blanket But that will take ages and goodness knows how much wool I will need.
If you haven't already hop over to
to see lots of crochet projects and details of my wip.

If I could re blog to here then you you wouldn't have to go over there lol
I'm sure there must be some way of doing that but I don't do technical stuff.

I finished reading My Sisters Keeper , a brilliant story, a shocking ending, If you can call it shocking, a great read.
 Pity we aren't in York in April because the author is doing a book signing at Waterstones.

Product Details
Well I've had my fix (blogging)
and I am upto date with everyone Oh I forgot to mention I have joined a freeform cal going on over at Ravelry.
It looks like lots of fun I got the idea from Esther hop over
 another great blog

bye for now
don't forget all comments gratefully received

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