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created 2014

Friday, 15 July 2011

blog award

100th BLOG
an award

Wow this is my 100th blog didn't think I would get here when I started this just over a year ago.

I thought of doing a giveaway to celebrate but with blogger as it is at the moment would it be worth it ?
I've noticed I've got some new followers but who are they, is there a way I can find out?
I regret not being able to thank them for reading my simple blog.

I've had an award Thank you very much to Sarah from
I mentioned on my previous post that Sarah was holding a 30 days of crochet
it was very enjoyable. I recommend visiting Sarah's blog for some brilliant crochet and a new blog just recently started
nice one Sarah.
In keeping with the award I have to share 7 things with you
this is quite difficult as I'm not sure what I've already blogged about  but here goes.

  1. I would love to retire and spend all my time crocheting
  2. I own 3 cars
  3. I love my caravan
  4. I have to indulge myself every time I shop and buy some new yarn
  5. I've enough yarn to open my own wool shop
  6. I love playing Angry Birds on my new phone
  7. my dream is to go to France next year for 3 weeks
This is even harder than the above to pass this award on to three others

There are loads more blogs that I love to read but I managed to just settle for these
and of course I would like to pass the award back to Sarah,who inspired me to start blogging in the first place.

Here's some of my latest crochet
All of these (apart from the last) is from the Lets Get Crafting mag
and the wool comes with it

I love how colourful this is and the shape of it

So easy to do

Cupcake anyone

 Making the most of these jam jar covers (keeping the flies out of hubby's beer)

I've pinched this idea from others its handy to put all scrap ends in and again how colourful

This was the beginning of a cushion but the edges have curled up too much (must have done something wrong)
didn't want to pull it all out though
I will attempt another one in the near future

Had to put my favourite holiday photo in
It was the highlight of our holiday two years ago wish I was back there now

Must get back to my crochet now I've got withdrawal symptoms
I'll try not to leave it so long next time

thanks Joanne for leaving a comment I do so love having comments

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  1. thank you very much Joan for the blog award... it is always a great feeling to know people are reading my blog and liking what I do. Your crochet is looking good, I particularly love the beer can cover!


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