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created 2014

Friday, 21 October 2011

free books yes free

You may (or may not) recall an earlier post where I won some vouchers for hobbycraft from Lets Get Crafting Mag, Well they finally arrived and these are what i got

 Because my wool stash is so hugh I decided to get these books which i have been coveting (is that the right word ) for some time now, normally it would have meant a win on the lottery or premium bonds for me to go and  buy all three books at once, so to say i loved putting them in a shopping basket is an understatement. I did succumb and got two balls of yarn, some darning needles, two handcrafted buttons and only had to pay £ 2.00 in cash, it was great.

I also had a £15 voucher for Amazon thanks to a free trial of Lovefilms, so what else did I spend them on but books.

Hooked For Life,  adventures of a Crochet Zealot is the first humorous essay collection available for crocheters. It also contains three fun crochet patterns and tons of hilarious truths about our much loved craft.
Here are a few quotes from the book which i wanted to share and i can so relate to them

Gauge;   for tight crocheters Just add water Fermented water that is--  a glass of wine or three is bound to loosen up a too tight gauge Just make sure you knock back a few each time you crochet or your gauge will be inconsistent throughout

Sometimes just knowing i could crochet if i wanted to is enough to get me through an event. I'll tuck the hook and yarn in my purse purely in case of emergency . i keep a fifth of good vodka in the freezer for much the same reason

If only i could crochet through a root canal, there are some hours that i wish would flash by at the speed of light.

Just the other day I uttered a phrase that stopped traffic, a phrase i never in a million years thought i would utter  " I have too much yarn"
Was i sick with a fever?

I highly recommend this book, a really good, enjoyable read for all you crocheters out there

off to ogle my books for the millionth time and to try and choose my next crochet projects

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  1. Oooh fab books! I've got the ami one with the frog on the front- it's brilliant!- and super cute, which I haven't made much out of yet, and Mum and I have got the 100 flowers and another book by the same lady with leaves in, we used those books heavily for the table decorations for my wedding! Enjoy looking through all those lovely projects and planning your next one! Laura x


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