created 2014

created 2014

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


An extra mid month post to celebrate   12/12/12

Is celebrate the right word ?

When a date will never be repeated again and how unique this date is, does that give us something to celebrate ?

I think It does , so hence my extra mid month post.

Which would be okay if I had something interesting to write about.

So here is some pictures instead,

 The hairy sugar plum fairies

 Not our house, but taken today

Guess What ?????

I didn't want this photo on here, I can't remove it, I can't upload anymore
So that's all you are going to get on 12/12/12
Definitely a jinx on today , what a great post
Maybe I'll get to edit it later, maybe not


  1. Tricksy blogger! Nice pics though. The hairy sugar plum fairies! lol.


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