created 2014

created 2014

Monday, 31 December 2012

December collage

Sorry , my December collage is lacking in pictures

Not many pictures , I apologise, the weather hasn't been that brilliant , ( not a good excuse really)
I've been pre occupied with my new toy, a mini iPad
Although I managed to publish my last post from Mr Ipad, I was unable to edit it afterwards , you can probably tell that with the picture which is on its side, Hopefully, and its a big hope, Januarys post will be better with more pictures.
This is how December started

Thought we were in for a real cold spell. but this was only one day and then the rain came

After a long and difficult day at work, I arrived home to find that this had arrived, which really cheered me up

Lovely Christmas decorations which say 
 "Christmas is on its way "

A crocheted dolls pram blanket, for a friends Granddaughter, really pleased with the colouring
Santa's Reindeer having a rest before a busy night
I have been invited to contribute to a new blog which Steph over at dolly daydreams
has started, its a 50 book reading challenge and anyone is welcome to join in
thanks steph for doing this

I'm finishing this year with a (cheat) photo of Sydney celebrating the arrival of 2013
Wishing you all a Happy New Year
and with thanks for taking time to have a look at my blog and for all your lovely comments which I truly appreciate
 Didn't want this photo on here, but can't get rid


  1. Happy New Year Joan. Great photographs. I think we are too critical of ourselves. New Years Resolution = be nice to selves! xxx

  2. Happy New Year ^_^ I hope it's a beautiful one.

  3. Having issues with Google+ as you know. The advantage however seems to be that I'm able to connect with several bloggers, you included, who I haven't been able to access in a while - oh well, I guess every cloud does indeed have a silver lining.

    Best wishes to you and yours Joan, I hope you have a happy and healthy 2013.

    1. Oops I should have replied here instead of leaving a comment duh

  4. Hey Tracy great to see you here thanks


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