created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 3 March 2012


great giveaway going on at Cuddly Yarn Creations, follow this link to go there, not to be missed

Would you like an update on my ripple blanket?
Are you sitting down for this?
I've decided I've used all the colours I've been wanting to use, so now I'm just repeating the pattern, definitely looks better from a far

This is the beautiful bookmark I received from Loopyjess's Giveaway, lovely crochet work, takes more patience than I've got, for crochet that is.

But talking about patience, I have started my biscornu and goodness me I need a magnifying glass to see the stitches, should have started with something simple and bigger holes

Received this parcel today, all the way from Wisconsin as I took part in a swap with The Flower Bed Blog,
Thanks a lot Laurel it will go on display in the kitchen

I love the variegated yarn and the effect it creates, A lovely large flower/ pot holder,  not that i will use it for handling pots its too beautiful for that, the photo doesn't do it justice ,  the pattern is similar to the one I used for my pinwheel cushion .

This is what I sent to my swap partner , all the way to Belgium, she should have received it by now so I hope I'm not spoiling any surprises

That's it for swapping at the moment (says she ) I really should get all my wip finished before starting anything else, saying that I have just started on a Giraffe for a friends Granddaughter.

I've got a Kindle, (sorry Petty)
So what with my Kindle, Blogging,Crochet, Biscornu,Pet Zoo (phone) I wonder how I find the time to go to work.


  1. Hi Joan,
    just checking out your lovely blog - wow! you do a LOT of swapping !!! I think your ripple blanket looks really fab & I really like those sock animals too. Did you find a pattern for them online ? Id love to try them out. ive just started blogging so if you'd like to visit my blog I would be delighted !

    Siubhan x

  2. Love the ripple, very colourful :-) Great swap goodies too

    Lori xx

  3. Hi Joan, wow - you did loads for your swap partner, I bet she was delighted to recieve it!


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