created 2014

created 2014

Friday, 8 February 2013

crafty queen

I had a nice surprise in the post yesterday
although I was expecting it , it a was very nice surprise

Crafty Queen from Steph over on folksy  go here
She is so cute ,as soon as I saw her in Stephs Folksy shop I had to buy her
This picture doesn't do her justice, shes so much more cuter in real life
Thanks Steph,

As well as the Crafty Queen Brooch, Steph also included a goody bag filled with charms and stars,
the charms spell out Thanx
Steph's shop is full of unique crafty goodness, not to be missed


My tea swap parcels have arrived at their destination , and I'm so glad to say I sent one to (who else but) Steph
Heres what I included

I'm not ashamed to say my picture is not as good as Stephs on her blog so if you want to see more detail please visit    show and tell

My second parcel went to Lesley over at   calmlycreative
And this is it

I forwarded the copy of Birmingham Rose which came from Lucy , I loved reading this and I hope Lesley will also, and maybe pass it on as part of The Great Tea Swap,

Thats it again from me, a second post in Febuary wow and we are not even half way through the month,


  1. Thank you Joan! I loved the package. The crochet was fantastic! I am just learning to crochet so I am very happy to have found your blog. Lesley

  2. Great swaps, I love the crafty queen, Im rather jealous that you have it, Although I can't complain I have 3 of the wild women brooches steph makes!

  3. Love crafty queen! I bought the other one to give to my Mum for Mother's Day ;-) Lovely tea swop goodies... Wish I'd signed up for this swop now!! Hope you are well. Laura x

  4. Always exciting to get a parcel whether expected or not, I love that brooch.

  5. I'm glad she got to you safely Joan ^_^ Lovely tea goodies, I loved mine ^_^ The Afternoon Ceylon was very nice indeed.

  6. Hello,
    I have sene you have byde at pattern with the live tree, please tell mé where you have the pattern from.



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