created 2014

created 2014

Sunday, 3 February 2013

guilty pleasure

I,ve won a giveaway,  so shocked to see that my name had been drawn out of the pot

Many thanks to Catherine (also my youngest daughters name )  over here for holding this brilliant giveaway, I feel guilty because Catherine lives in Australia and postage is so expensive but its such a great pleasure to be a winner,
Go and visit Catherine she does some beautifull photography and has a great blog and tell her how jealous you are that you didn't win,

Of course as soon as I receive my parcel I'll be showing off the photos

My next two parcels for the The Grand Tea Swap hosted by Lucy will be posted tomorrow, and here they are but where are they going to ??

Will the two recipients please let me know when they have been received , this time I remembered to take photos and i'll be posting them here when they have been opened,
Thanks again to Lucy for arranging this fun tea swap, there is no time limit on it , so theres no pressure and its your choice who to send it to,

More photos from my favorite site

Isn't this cottage so cute ? I wish there was some way of getting the pattern , I need a pattern to work off , I'm not that clever enough to crochet just off a picture,



  1. Well done on the giveaway win ^_^ Oo! Isn't the tea swap fun! I'm hoping to post another soon(ish!)
    Those are some lovely pictures! The lacey hat is gorgeous.
    Lovely post.
    hugs for you

  2. Good on you for your giveaway win and thanks for sharing some of your favourite sites - how cute is that shoe?


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