created 2014

created 2014

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Home again

Second attempt

We have now been home from France  a week so this is long overdue , 
Instead of thinking about it and procrastinating why not just get on with it ( memo to self)
So without further a due here we are 

The sun finally showed itself and decided to stay ,and what a difference it made to everyone and everywhere 
Can I try some before and after photos .?

Before the sun 

With the sun 

Maybe they don,t look much different but it felt a whole lot brighter 
The next to last photo is of friends and we were taking a last walk on the beach

We also visited the closest town to us , Troyes , again in the rain then with the sun out 

What a difference to the square , it came alive with people sat outside having their lunch , the indoor market was full of wonderfully food , the chocolate stall holder had spent a while in England in skipton , where the yarn dale festival is being held in September , who,s going ?

The French bar , was a delight just off the shopping centre 

All too soon we had to journey home and I was hoping to make the best of the tunnel back
Not as scary as it was coming out , I busied myself taking photos 

Our garden before and after 

My favourite holiday photo

On the craft front , I,ve got a surprise to share with you , all will be revealed soon , 
Meanwhile I had a sudden urge to make a biscornu 
The pattern was from weewitchy , thanks for making it available 
Going to publish this now , so apologies for any typos
My first attempt, I saved then tried to edit , not good 


  1. It looks amazing Joan! With or without the rain...although I am glad it came out for you in the end. Those cakes!!! They look fabulous! Beautiful photos. I love your biscornu ( and I am so sorry I did not spot it was one of my patterns! I am a wee bit dippy doo at the mo(yes! only at the mo!! lol)) Hope you make lots more and It is always lovely to see what you are making so I look forward to coming back soon to see what you have been up to.

  2. Amazing the difference a bit of sun makes. Loving your photos, my favourite of which it has to be said is the one of the cake shop. Why do we never seem to get such pastries here? I mean to say a Greggs chocolate eclair is hardly the same thing. And as for Bavarian slices? Called Gosforth slices by my husband they are made in a factory 5 minutes away from us.

  3. Great post with all your before and afters. I fancy some of those delicious looking french cakes for my afters. I have never been on the Euro tunnel, so those photos were interesting to me. I don't think I would like it, it is not my 'cup of tea'. xxx


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