created 2014

created 2014

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Into July

Well , we are back from France and more or less back to normal 
Apart from the pile of holiday ironing still to do ,, holiday, what holiday ? 

It seems such a while since we came back , if I had the chance I,d go over there right now and not think about the ironing or work or anything else really

Better put some lotto on , oh I had an email saying they had some important news about my lottery ticket, the last euro millions draw where it was upto 150 million or something stupid like that , had to wait till home time before knowing my fate, guess what £ 2.40 , dream on 

What have I been upto craft wise ? 
Quite a bit but some I can,t share as its a secret

I had a sudden urge to make a biscornu , partly because of my secret and just to say I,ve made one ,
 This is the result 

Quite good for a first attempt , I was warned that they soon start multiplying 
The button isn't sewn on yet it's just there for show
The cross stitch design came from steph over at show and tell , sorry I can't link up but I haven,t figured out how to do that yet on my iPad, any advice gratefully received ,
Steph has designed some amazing cross stitch patterns so if ever you have a urge to make a biscornu or just even to do some cross stitching nip over and visit steph 

Talking about steph , she also has a folksy shop and you can find it here at, steph makes some amazing things , this is my latest purchase 

If you haven,t visited steph before , I recommend that you do now and you will be amazed 

Some more of what I,ve been making 

Just the buttons to add and maybe line it with material,

This , because it was so easy , from Lets Get Crafting Mag
Described as a beach mat , perhaps for a doll

Again these were from the same magazine , I have sent this photo to their Facebook page maybe I will get a mention , wanted to put the large flower in a box frame but the one I bought from The Range is too small  for it , that means I will have to make something else to fit in , oh dear 

And on a last note , photo 

I intend to use this for my surprise , or maybe just be selfish and keep it for myself 

Happy July 


  1. What can I say apart from all those £2.40's add up. Not that we'll be millionaires any time soon.

    Loving your biscornu, it reminds me of my nana who was rarely to be seen without her pincushion.

  2. I just love your crochet Joan! So bright and beautiful! They had better give you a mention! You definitely deserve it. aww !thanks for all of the shout outs! *hugs* I am glad you like your new brooch. Ooh! I dunno £240 is not too bad!

  3. Great biscornu Joan! Well done. Lovely brooch by Steph. Lots of gorgeous colourful crocheting there! Sweet stitchy kit too. I'm afraid I can't be of any help with the ipad...yet! I'm hoping to get one soon so if I figure it out, I'll let you know!


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