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created 2014

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Travelling craft box picks

Laura over at strawberry mouse crafts , (I wish I knew how to link up on my iPad) , started a travelling craft box some time ago and I've always avidly waited for reports and photos of the makes , I commented on Laura's blog that I wish I could join in , imagine my delight when I was asked to contribute . 
There are 8 people who joins in with this and just over two weeks ago I was delighted to receive the box . 
I was astonished by the quantity and quality of the crafty goodness inside the box , the idea is you choose how many items out of the box you want to keep and replace them with same number of your own hand made crafts.
I' m afraid I was at a big advantage because the box came from Steph over at show and tell , and i am already a fan of Steph's makes, so what to keep out of box for my own ? That was a dilemma.

I wanted to keep everything , so selfish of me , but that wouldn't be fair and it would have took ages for me to replace them , so I finally decided what to keep and here they are 

Six of the items are from Steph , two from Kerrie and two from Rae 
It's worth visiting Steph's blog for detailed and better photos of her makes 
These are what I choose
Green man biscornu on hand dyed Aidan
Wee witchy framed doodle , wee wonderland
Crocheted cute Hello Kitty with blanket
Flower Fairy hanger
Three angels pin
Beautiful Love and Light brooch

All the above are made by steph

My other picks are
Red beaded bracelet and decorated ornamental egg from Rae
Patchwork pin cushion and dragonfly brooch from Kerry 

Even after picking all these goodies, there were still loads left.
It is now on its way back to Laura , well on Monday it will be , with my makes inside , and once Lara has received it I'll be able to show what I replaced these lovely items with , don' t want to spoil the surprise .

This is a close up photo of Rae and Kerry's makes 

Aren't they all lovely , I feel so lucky to have been part of the travelling craft box , thanks Laura and all the ladies for inviting me to join in. 

On a last note , I won a giveaway , didn't realise until the parcel arrived on my doorstep, so it was a great surprise, 
The giveaway was held by Lesley at calmly creative , please give her delightful blog a visit and why not become a follower while you are over there 
My prize 

Sirdar country style yarn,  wwt lapel badge,  m&s ovarian cancer bracelet,  cute paper clips,  crocheted  
flower,  Homemaker mag. and 4 lots of tea 

Thanks so much Lesley ,a great surprise 

Just a last minute amendment 
I forgot to show you this 

A free hug from steph
How many of you have a had a free hug a lately 
Soon there will have been 8 of us 
Thanks steph 


  1. So pleased that you've enjoyed the craft box Joan! I'm really looking forward to receiving it this week! :-D Well done for winning the giveaway, what a lovely surprise!

  2. You are welcome Joan! I am glad that you enjoyed it!

  3. Very nice picks indeed ^_^ Wasn't that egg amazing?!? Lovely giveaway win too! Mmmm! I am now wondering if I put enough Free hugs in!!!! I hope I did!!


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