created 2014

created 2014

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Many thanks to Hayley at PINKFLUFFYWARRIOR for giving me this award  Truely appreciated.

I now have to tell you 10 things about myself

I have only been blogging for about 6 months
I am addicted to crochet,mainly amigurami
I have enough wool/yarn to open a shop
I have enough books to open a library
I am a 55year old grandmother of 1 grandaughter(10) and 1 grandson(3)
I have been married for three years
I love our caravan
I love my laptop which hubby bought
I work in a Pharmacy for 30 hours per week (too many)
I'd rather blog/crochet/read than do housework

I would like to pass this award onto 10 of my favourite bloggers
It is very hard to pick only 10 but here goes

Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns & Random Cuteness
Attic 24
Strumpets crumpets
The happy hoopy wool junkie
Clara at amieggs
Rebecca Danger
Clara's crochet room
Kelly (former) france blog

And it goes without saying Pinkfluffywarrior
And many many more
I tried to copy and paste these blogs but couldn't find an easy way sorry to all
If you haven't visited any of these blogs before , I promise you won't be dissapointed.

Here is a picture of my latest project, which I made for a friend, I hope you like it. I had lots of fun crocheting it.
The pattern came from KANDJDOLLS it is Dora and next I am making Boots


  1. Thanks so much for the award. I enjoyed reading your fun facts! I will post mine in my next blog entry. Again, so sweet of you.

  2. May I add that Miss Dora is very well done and would make some pretty little faces shine this Christmas.

  3. Well done on the award and thanks for providing links to these other blogs - I love meeting new bloggers so will visit asap.


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