created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 26 February 2011

flower bed cal

I've had an inviye to join the Flower Bed Cal
So excited to get to contribute to another Cal and blog
The only thing is i can't find a pattern for the flowers everyone is doing at the moment I need help

In the meantime here is my finished Giraffe Doily. I'm so pleased with how it has turned out and it was so quick to make up. Instead of !2 giraffes I ended up with 13 though good job I'm not superstitous.

Sorry that the pictures aren't very good I should take more time with the lighting etc but hopefully you will get the idea

Also here are the squares I have crocheted so far , no particular colour code only the white edging which seems very popular among other crochet lovers

Now i'm off in the search of flower patterns which I will make up and post on The Flower Bed
See you soon


  1. +JMJ+

    The squares are so pretty! I love the colours you put together. =) My grandmother makes similar ones with the white edges, but is more restrained when it comes to colours. (She doesn't really have a social circle of fellow crochet fanatics, so I didn't know the white edge was a popular design. Do you have any idea why that's so, Joan?)

    And what are you planning to do with the squares? My grandmother either keeps them small and uses them as coasters or makes them big so that she can turn them into a sofa throw or covering for a bed.

  2. Hi Joan, you don't have an email address in your blogger profile so I can't email any pattern to you. If you can add one or email me then I'll see what I can do :) Elizabeth Cat has a good pattern on her blog too if you want to check that one out. Rachael Xx

  3. I have a wonderful bed spread made of squares just like these. The time and love my nana put into making it was amazing.

  4. three comments great i just love it so much to leave my own comment thanks for your kind comments (one can't have enough comments lol)

  5. The giraffes are a really fun take on a doily my boys would love it !


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