created 2014

created 2014

Sunday, 6 February 2011

free crochet patterns

I must share this with all you crochet lovers out there (if you didnt know already)
loads and loads of free crochet patterns have just been added to this site

including this one
cookie monster

   I must do this now isn't he great

And this one so cute maybe i'll start this one as well

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed with all these patterns (can you tell)

What about this one

My grandson will just love this

Notice i'm back to doing what I love best apart from crocheting that is
(cutting and pasteing)
and I've still got an unfinished blog to complete shame on me


  1. How adorable is this cookie monster - if only I had learnt how to crochet like my nana.

  2. Hi Joan! Thank you on the giraffe coaster! Are you a member of Ravelry?? It's free if you aren't. Sign in and do a pattern search on giraffe and it will come up. It's a free pattern. You can find all kinds of free patterns in Ravelry. Have fun! xoxox


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