created 2014

created 2014

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Quick easter post

Just a short post from me today on Easter Sunday

I,ve been busy testing a pattern  for Steph and I need to finish a baby blanket as the birth is imminent
I had a lovely Easter surprise from Steph , a knitted bunny and Easter chocolates, photos to follow later

Shall we mention the snow, no , probably not , but can I just share this photo, courtesy of Yorkshire Calendar, Its Conisbough Castle and just down the road from where we live, unbelievably lovely and makes you feel good to live here

Its a picture worthy of being made into a postcard

Our caravan all ready for France
All the above photos have been shared from facebook , I do not claim them as my own photos,

This , below, is from Steph and she gave her permission to share it with everybody , so thanks for that steph

So, that is it , I said it was going to be a short one, after all we have lost an hour some where, hope you have all remembered to put the clocks forward,
Here comes April


  1. ^_^ Ooh! Your caravan looks amazing!! Can I move in!?! ^_^ Look forward to seeing the blanket and for you to show everyone your faery beautiful hedgepig! xox

  2. How pretty Conisbough Castle looks. Though still cold here in Newcastle thankfully we are now a snow free zone.

    Loving those Easter creations especially the eggs.

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